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Honolulu, Hawaii

Our shop policies


Aloha All!
Thanks for coming to visit my Zibbet shop! In this shop YOU are the most important person. While I love to create unique and beautiful things, it is you who really makes that decision. My philosophy about putting my wearable art out for sale is that it provides you with something totally unique, completely one of a kind and all for you, to fit your very own personality. My job is to make you happy and I will strive to do just that! Lots of pretty things and hopefully, an equal amount of humor! Mahalo for stopping by!

Shipping details

I use the United States post office for shipping and will ship out within 2 working days. Almost always I can do it the next day but every once and a while it does something like rain on me while I'm walking to the post office. :( Insurance and tracking will be included in your shipping price just to safeguard your purchase. It is my firm belief that a seller should not try to profit from shipping costs so I keep them as low as I can.

International orders are more than welcome and your shipping cost will be whatever I have to pay. If there are tariffs or some charge on your end, that will be your expense. If you live outside the USA, you will have a to wait a couple days as I will have to go to the PO to have your item shipped so I can tell you how much shipping will cost.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

I hope you will all email me just as soon as possible if there is any problem at all. Naturally, I hope you never have a problem. But, if you do, you email me and I will make it right if it is in my power to do so. Naturally, I won't be able to find it if the PO loses it but I will certainly get on the tracking. But, the good news is that in many years of selling online, the PO has never, ever lost anything! But please let me repeat, if you have a problem, email me right away!

Additional information

Above I was talking about emails. Please don't be shy if you have questions about something. I'm a friendly person and always answer my emails immediately. I love to talk to you so email at any time! :D