Arcana Collection: Bracelets

by Aura Apothecary

A blend of both lava stone and semi-precious gems in two distinct patterns. Lava stone is a natural grounding stone that lets the other pieces shine. It’s a comfortably lightweight, stretchy bracelet made with a pop of color that brings forth the best of both worlds in terms of natural stone and classic appearance. Choose from two different patterns, Upright or Reversed, to match your personal style.


The Magician - Amethyst is known for its protective qualities for one’s spirit and inner peace. It provides relief from stress and anxiety and soothes strong negative emotions. Just like the Magician's mind, it opens awareness of one’s spirit and intuition.

The Hanged Man - Tigerseye is an earthy stone made for perception and balance. It’s a stone to help when you are on the cusp of choice and change with a need for a guiding eye. Like the Hanged Man, it helps you decide to break old patterns and habits to move forward.

The High Priestess - Rose Quartz is a stone that symbolizes love at its core, but there is more to it then the color pink. It opens the heart to new possibilities as well as deeper inner healing. Just like the High Priestess, it looks deep within, past the trauma of life, and finds love — not only for others, but for yourself.

The Hermit - Adventurine is a lovely green stone that is often prized for its lucky qualities. It has relaxing energy behind it as well, much like walking through the wilderness and stumbling upon a beautiful scene of nature. Like the Hermit, it is a stone made for meditation and reflection, like a little piece of nature that’s with you.

The Star - Turquoise is an old stone prized not only for its color, but for its deep spiritual meaning. It brings many positive qualities to people’s lives as it helps relieve exhaustion, depression, and anxiety. Just like the Star, it watches over the wearer, providing protection and guidance.

The Devil - Carnelian is a vibrant stone that lavishes in not only bright red color, but it’s vitality. It promotes courage and helps negate frigidity or weak memory. Like the Devil, it loves to be striking and dramatic with color and presence.

The Fool - Quartz is a natural harmonizer, prized for its unique amplifying abilities. Like the fool, it starts journeys; either one of healing or one of exploration. Nothing is more healing than a journey to a new place in one’s life.

Death - Snowflake Obsidian is a stone meant for cleansing negative energy. It helps to see that the figurative death of something in our lives is a transition into a new cycle. As old habits wane and die, healthier new ones can grow in their place with the positive influence of Snowflake Obsidian. This set also uses white lava stone to really make it pop.

The Lovers - Morganite is one of the more caring and warm stones. It encourages the loving thoughts and emotions of the wearer. Like the Lovers, Morganite represents a divine and unconditional love. The Lovers is a strong card that doesn’t just represent passionate love but a love with strong relationships, harmony as well as attraction, which is why Morganite fits this perfectly.

The Emperor - Garnet is known for being a strong protective stone. It was used for engagement rings in place of diamonds in the past , due to it inspiring love and devotion. Just as the Emperor protects and oversees, Garnet matches these qualities in many ways.

The Empress - Peridot is one of the few stones that are from deep within the earth and charged as a powerful cleanser. It’s an amazing stone that assists in lowering negative emotions such as jealousy and resentment. Like the Empress, Peridot is a nurturing and peaceful presence in daily life.

The Hierophant - Turquoise Howlite is believed to calm anger and negative emotions, making it easier to clear your head. It allows you better your communication, and prepare yourself for higher wisdom.

The Moon - Rainbow Moonstone strengthens intuition, enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance, and confidence in the same breath.

The Sun - Citrine inspires wealth and prosperity, and brings positive energy, joy, enthusiasm, and activates creativity and self expression.

Strength - Jasper offers support and confidence, absorbing negative energies and replacing them with protective ones.

The Wheel of Fortune - Smoky Quartz helps to neutralize negative vibrations and disperse fear. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.

The Tower - Malachite balances new energies and intentions as it cleanses the old, acting as a stone of transformation.

Temperance - Flourite neutralizes negative energies and stress, while encouraging self-confidence and positivity.

The World - Unakite is a ‘stone of vision’ that helps open the third eye and allows you to put everything into retrospect, balancing your emotions and spirituality.

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