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Our shop policies


I love being my own shop owner and being able to personally make sure that every customer is satisfied with their merchandise, quality of customer service, and speedy shipping service we provide.

We know that successful transactions and happy customers greatly depends on the communication concerning that particular transaction. We want our people to be happy after they have shopped with us so they will come back again and again and again!

We haven't ever had to give or receive negative feedback during our 1.5 years of selling handcrafted items on, but there is always the chance of someone being unsatisfied with something. We do ask, if this ever happens, that you try to work with us so we can resolve the problem before you decide to immediatley leave negative or questionable feedback. We will make every effort to make sure you are happy with us and happy with your product you purchase through us.

Shipping details

We only charge what the USPScharges to get your package to you, whether it be first class or priority mail. We do not believe in profitting from your shipping costs, we promise! If you've paid overages in shipping of $1.00 or more we will paypal it back to you because we feel this is honest business practice, and we like to run our business honestly, of course!

Your shipment will take anywhere between 1-3 days to process and ship. However, when it gets to you is totally out of our hands once we deliver it safely and in good standing to the postal workers. We take every effort to make sure your items are packaged snuggly and safely, and hope the USPS uses care so that it gets to you in the same condition as when it left our hands. We also recycle packaging materials and boxes, so from time to time you will receive packing that has been used in a shipment which we have received, and the same goes for boxes.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Unless the item you receive is edible, we will accept returns, refund and exchanges within 7 days of it arriving to your location. Please understand that you will be responsible for the cost of shipping it back to us.

Generally, if the item is lost in transit, that is not something that is our fault because it is totally out of our control. If an item arrives damaged, however, we will refund your purchase price, even though, this too, is the fault of the USPS. If an item arrives damaged we ask that you please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can resolve the issue. We will either issue a refund or credit at that time, or re-send the goods to you, but you will be asked to pay for re-shipping costs.