Hi and thanks so much for stopping by! I'm a blind rehab teacher by trade, at least that is what my grad degree says. But, truthfully, I have a lot more fun working from home for myself...lol!

I'm totally blind, and I have an eight year old son with autism, so life is never dull and boring around our house, that's for certain! I love to cook, bake, bead, knit, go for long walks, garden, and lots of other stuff. I am definitely a person who needs to keep her hands and mind busy at all times! I started out on Etsy.com a few years ago but have only been realy active on there for the past 1.5 years. My original shop there is http://divinecanine.etsy.com. I specialize in home baked pet treats and dog food that is healthy, tasty, and free of chemicals and artificial colors and preservatives. Our pets can live longer if we treat them right and feed them healthy foods, as well as treats, just as the same goes for us as humans, right? So, if you have a dog you love to spoil, or you want to see my track record and feedback from my many happy customers, check out my shop at http://divinecanine.etsy.com. I'm proud to have a 100% positive feedback score of 800+, knock on wood!

My other shop just opened mid March 2010, and it is http://divinebakingsupplies.etsy.com. I'm blessed that it has started out so well in such a short amount of time, and I've wanted to try Zibbet, so here I am! If ever you don't see what you are looking for on my zibbet shop please don't be shy about looking at my http://divinebakingsupplies.etsy.com. If you find something you like over there but would rather purchase it via zibbet.com, I can move the listing over here for you.

I don't have any photographs, it's hard just to pin my hubby down to take pics for my listings, and with me being blind, photographs really don't do that much for me, so I apologize for the lack of photos and videos!

If you have any special requests regarding baking baking supplies such as cookie cutters, toppers, sprinkles, etc. please feel free to ask me about it and I'll surely look into it for you. I'm all about helping out if it's possible!