Magpie Extraordinare

It has been said that I was born with crayons in hand.
Since my early years I have had some kind of artistic creations in the works. Perfumes. OOAK/Modifying dolls. Beadwork. Making clothes. Graphic Art. Cartooning. Poetry. Writing. Painting. Claying. Pet creations. Cake decorating. Glassworks. Not all have been pure art forms but all have involved it in some way. Though never formally trained, perhaps it has just been my own quirky take on things and the belief that there is room in all of life for art.
My art began as I did, in the Canadian Maritimes with the support and inspiration of strong women and wondrously kind men. Each nurtured me in different ways but all were valuable sources. My aunt Velma, a kindred soul if ever there were one. My nanny (grandmother), a tough bird with a heart of gold, who believed in relying on yourself. These women never gave up on me even when I had, and the lessons they taught me continue in the wondrous people I surround myself with today.