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Our shop policies


All my items are made with love and care by myself. I also do custom work, just let me know.

Shipping details

I ship worldwide and you will receive a track and trace code so you can see when your item will arrive.
Custom made items cannot be send back.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Please contact me if you want a refund or exchange.
You can always send the item back within 30 days. The item must not be used and the shippingcosts are paid by you.

Additional information

How long does it take before you ship my item?
- It depends on wether I have it ready to ship or made to order. When it is ready to ship, I will send it the same day. But most of my items are made to order. It takes about 1 to 5 workingdays to make and send right after I finish it. Ofcourse it can happen that it takes longer, but not often.

How long does it take before it will arrive?
- That depends on the country you live in. Since every country handles their post on their terms, it is hard to say exactly how long it takes. But most of the time a package takes between 1 to 3 weeks to arrive.

Do you make custom orders?
- Yes. But only with the materials I already have in stock. Just send me a message and let's see what I can do for you.

What if I am not at home when the postcompany comes?
- You have received a trackingcode, so please check it regulary. You can see when they will be there and if you are not at home, you can collect it at a servicepoint. Don't wait too long to collect it, because some postcompanies are pretty fast with sending it back to me. And if such things happen and I need to resend it, the extra shippingcosts must be paid by you. And I know you can think of better things to do with that money ;(