Painted European Herring Gull Skull (Larus argentatus) Animal Totem

by catbirdcraft

Length - 12cm

Decorated in acrylic paints and finished with a layer of artist's varnish. The decoration on this skull includes the symbol for water, whilst incorporating the Gull's connection with the earth. Although not really visible in the photographs it also has a pearlescent finish.

Fetishes are considered sacred ceremonial objects. Every animal, bird, or plant, has traits and teachings that we can learn from. To call upon the spirit of a particular animal or bird, maybe so that it might help teach, heal, or protect us, a corresponding fetish can be used. Some fetishes are carved from wood or stone, whilst others are made from feathers, bones and skulls. Shamans believe that these objects are doorways of communication with the spirit world, within which the essence of the animal or bird still resides, and as such they are always treated with great care and respect.

The skull will be accompanied with a scroll containing a description of the teachings of the Gull.

Our skulls come from a variety of places but no animals or birds were harmed in the making of our products. This is incredibly important to us and we hope that it is to you too. Most of our skulls come from animals and birds that are found dead, unfortunately often roadkill. Some come from private breeders or farms, who have lost one of their flock. A tiny majority come from antique collections, because these skulls are so old we can't vouch for how they came to be, but we believe it is preferable for them to have a respectful new lease of life as a fetish or as a piece of art, rather than sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust.

Please note that all of skulls are bought and sold in accordance with conditions set out by 'Natural England' under licence 'WML/GEN22 (for birds) and WML/GEN28(for wild animals). For more information check out the Natural England website.
Also, as so many international countries have different regulations of the import of animal bones we cannot send these skulls overseas, we're very sorry.

Please remember that all of our skulls are fragile, especially the smaller bird skulls, so please handle them carefully.

Image of the Herring Gulls are for descriptive purpose only, and a royalty-free public domain photo.

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