Welcome to my Store. I hope you enjoy looking at my unique work.

My zibbet shop can be found at http://www.zibbet.com/ElinorSethman Elinor works in mixed media and has developed a kaleidoscope effect which gives her work a completely different dimension. Her paintings are bright and cheerful, bringing joy to those who view them. She was a member of the Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach, CA . After showing there every summer for 16 years, she has retired from the show. Now she is concentrating on selling her paintings, giclees and greeting cards through her on-line Zibbet store. She has served as a juror at the Orange County Fair and in Laguna Beach, CA.

What is a giclee? Giclee is a French word which means "to spatter out". Ink is applied to paper by an ultra-high-resolution 7-color ink jet printer. Giclee prints are the most beautiful and accurate art reproduction that have ever been made. They are also among the most archival. They are truly museum quality fine art reproductions.


Corona, CA, USA