I am a mosaic artist residing in New York 's beautiful Hudson River Valley.

I like to work in many different mediums but Mosaics happen to be my passion of choice right now.

This love affair began years ago when I dropped and broke a platter I treasured from my husbands family. I had already saved something else I greatly treasured that I'd broken months before - a serving plate that had been my Grandmothers.
I couldn’t just toss these things away, so I made two beautiful mosaic treasures to honor the women in our families.

As my work has progressed, I have graduated to using mostly stained glass and I incorporate ceramic, porcelain and Venetian tile, broken decorative items, china, plates, semiprecious stones, shells, beads, and any interesting bits that end up in my jars!

Thankfully, I have a wonderful understanding family, who indulge my scavenger hunts and tolerate endless jars, stacks of tile and plates, bins of stained glass scrap... and the countless shards that find their way under our feet. I am truly blessed.

If you have a broken piece you want to preserve and have made into a new treasure, or want something special created in glass... ( such as a pet portrait)
please e-mail me and I am sure we can come up with something beautiful just for you.

Detail of the Kelpie
Detail of a house number design
Detail of a hand crafted ceramic fish, more to come...
Detail of a special order, house number


Hyde Park, NY, USA