2in1 Shimmering Citrus Manuka Amazonian Body Butter/Lotion Bar in a Tin

by EtesianPlantaceuticals

Highest amount of combined naturally hydrating, fast penetrating ingredients & antioxidants. Bar none. Softens, smooths, nourishes instantly and over time. A serious hydration and preventative aging bar that helps heal, protect, and soothe both the skin, and the mind.

100% Natural → Parabens → Formaldehyde Donors → Sulfates → Petros → Alcohol → Ethoxylates → Nitrates → Artificial Color → Artificial Fragrance


This is not your typical “body butter” or “lotion bar”. In fact, you’ve never experienced a treat for your face and body as unique, and luxurious. It can be used everywhere to help scarring, age spots, wrinkles, puffiness, and especially very dry skin.

2in1 Citrus Burst Shimmering Amazonian Body Butter/Lotion Bars are both a body butter and lotion bar, combined into one. These 3.3 - 3.5 handcrafted bars are made in a reusable, portable tin so that you can carry it with you everywhere!

Invigorating Citrus Burst is a great juicy, clean, fresh smell that awakens and uplifts the senses! Made with grapefruit, tangerine, lime, lemon, lemon blossom, and orange. Added Orange Butter from the peels of oranges are beneficial and antimicrobial for both irritated, or acne-prone skin conditions (body acne ~~not face!). Willow Bark extract works as an astringent and antibacterial. Added Its regenerative properties make it good for aging as well as rough or calloused skin. Avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to sunlight or UV light within 24 hours.

Made with nearly 20 unprocessed butters and oils from the lands they originate and a special blend of 6 super-rich powerful anti-oxidant active honeys, including Active Manuka Honey, Chilean Ulmo, Italian Chestnut, containing potent properties “found nowhere else in the world”, which leaves skin silky smooth with a beautiful golden glow. Bursting with over 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins for a skin treat you'll never forget.

It starts with unrefined Shea, Brazilian cupuacu & brazilian butters and extracts, cold pressed vitamin rich oils, chosen because they're especially useful in fighting free-radicals, as they are unrefined and haven't been stripped of any of natural components.

Emu, Argan, Tamanu, Neem, Calendula, Aloe, Mango Butter, contain a unique combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that hep fight free-radicals, reducing age spots and other blemishes caused by aging, and sun. The combination of all the ingredients have even shown proof to reduce old scarring (like superficial injuries from burns, scrapes).
With nearly 20 natural ingredients going into every bar, the process to make them is laborious and precisely timed.

To ensure my ingredients remain active, they’re added in different stages in the cool down. Honey sits in a warm water bath until ready and must be the exact consistency to integrate well. Extracts are added in stages; delicate oils sensitive to heat are blended in at meticulously timed seconds while the golden butters and beeswax are still a liquid enough to pour, and within minutes before it’s too solid – because re-melting is not an option.

This special recipe is what makes my 2-in-1 body butter/lotion bars go so beyond just being wonderfully moisturizing, and nourishing.


+Cupuacu Butter is considered hydrophilic (water loving), it prevents moisture loss and improves the appearance prematurely aging and thinning skin while being a superior natural alternative to lanolin and cacao butter because it absorbs ten times faster

+Murumuru Butter is another specialty from the Rain Forest, prized for its rich content of polyphenols to combat free radicals in the tissues. It's a butter that performs more like the actives, deliverying true healing, and restructuring benefits, as it improves the skins moisture barrier and offers true hydration for improved elasticity and suppleness.

+OliveWax is a lipid wax obtained from pure Olive Oil. The manufacturing process allows the properties, and benefits, of the Olive Oil to remain intact for delivery of the actives into the tissues and delivers incredible silkiness.

+Orange Butter offers high fatty acid content, deliver softness, protection, and regenerative activity, to the skin

+ Orange Wax has excellent emollient properties; contains phytosterols which has anti-microbial properties

+Added extracts of cucumber, chamomile, willow bark, watermelon: has abundant sources of Vitamin A, which boosts cell renewal and thereby exhibits an anti-aging effect, a highly efficient oxygen radical scavenger. Bioflavonoids exert a synergic action to Vitamin C. Revitalizes stressed and tired skin, leaving calm and radiant

+Raw Avocado Oil & Macadamia Oils, vitamin rich oils that soften aging, dry or rough skin. It penetrates deeply so that nutrients can enter the dermis of the skin (under the epidermis).

+Shea butter has been known to work well for those suffering from dry skin and help keep skin supple and healthy. Vitamin F found in Shea butter helps with Spider veins, broken capillaries and varicose veins.

+The TRIFECTA: Tamanu, Neem, and Calendula Oil: In traditional folk medicine, these oils are used in the native countries for the care of the body and face to counteract the effects of age or weather. The key to the flawless, dewy skin of native beauties in their countries. Promotes healthy skin and evens skin tone.

+Argan oil -one of the most precious and costly oils in the world, it improves skin hydration and elasticity after only four weeks by strengthening the protein bonding structures which works to tighten the skin.

+Proprietary Blend of 6 Amazonian Butters & Oils~ rare botanical extracts which have a high content of phenols and organic acids with powerful properties. The botanicals we are already utilizing have sparked the interest of scientists in South America, are currently developing synthetic versions in new products.

+ Gold and Silver Mica offer a glistening shimmer to show off legs and give a nice tint~!

Together, they transport healing alpha-hydroxyl acids and other ingredients as they moisturize and protect the skin. Well known plant chemicals acts as free radical scavengers and antioxidants, obstruct the evaporation of moisture from the skin and offer restoration of the skin's natural humidity and elasticity


Ingredients: Unrefined shea, cupuacu butters, natural beeswax, olivewax, ewax, antioxidant power honey,murumuru butter, mango butter, olive squalane, orange butter, macadamia nut oil, extracts of cucumber, chamomile, rosehip, olive, calendula, watermelon, willowbark, argan oil, neem oil, emu oil, raw avocado oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil, orange wax, proprietary blend of amazonian plant oils, butters, 10x orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, lemon blossom, tangerine, essential oils, gold mica, silver mica, IPM to help absorbtion

3.5 oz tin

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