BEST 6in1 Goat Milk & UMF Manuka Honey Chai Vanilla Latte EO Lip Plumping Butter that Exfoliates w Cupuaçu, Emu, more

by EtesianPlantaceuticals

A Lip Treatment! Lip Repair! Lip Balm! Lip Plump! Lip Exoliator! Lip Butter! Lip Protector! it's all in one! Lips are particularly vulnerable to the elements because the skin is so thin, and thus they are often the first to present signs of dryness and are vulnerable to infection. Combined magical properties of goat milk proteins, “liquid gold” active UMF manuka Medihoney™*, the rarest honey in the world.

About 40 ingredients, that's right - 40 - go into the making of this lip balm. Brazilian cupuaçu,shea, power healing ACTIVE Manuka honey, emu, jojoba, castor seed oils soften, protect your lips against the elements while added potent antibiotic properties of neem,tamanu heal cracked or split lips, and cold sores. At the same time,my lip plumping, exclusive sensual chai tea latte essential oil blend draws the opposite sex to your kissable lips! Because of the high amount of ingredients and complicated EO blend, I only make about 4 at a time, and very close to your order.

Glides on clear with a nice sheen making this a perfect choice for both men and women. SPF 15+ protects against sun’s rays. In an oval tube, for easier application.

Probably the most advanced products on Etsy.

Due to the skyrocketing price of a few of my eo's in my chai tea latte lip plump eo blend, and scarcity of jojoba oil, I had to raise the price by $1.00.

One of the great qualities of Active UMF Manuka Honey is that it maintains a moist environment on lips while its antiseptic and antibiotic properties are preserved. ONLY Manuka Honey at levels 10+ and higher can make this claim. Non-active Manuka does not have the same qualities as regular honey. PLEASE know what you are buying!!!*

"Lip balm is the best I've tried. Healing, creamy, soothing. No allergic reaction" - utahspice

Dry lips will especially love this exfoliating butter! The rich and smooth texture easily glides to deeply nourish, moisturize, condition, revealing soft, supple lips leaving them noticeably hydrated.

Dry air, cold temperatures, sun and wind all have drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from lips, this butter balm absorbs moisture from the air around it, thereby restoring and preventing chapped, and windburned lips.

Helps keep lips moist and ultra soft
Long lasting moisture
Four super nourishing, rich butters
Four of the world's most sought after oils
100% naturals
Very gentle exfoliating properties
Naturally occurring and added Vitamin E
Unique in all the world (so far!)

this exfoliating butter and balm became the natural choice for my Milk & Manuka line. As far as product and price comparison, with the exception of Canus, who makes goat milk lip balm, there there were no comparisons to make. No other company combines ingredients such as these into a recovery lip butter/balm. If you find one, write me and let me know! On Etsy,lip balms are a dime a dozen. And I struggled with it because of that. But still, I am a trailblazer, and I did it anyway. I may be a little biased, but these are some of the best lip butters and balms I’ve ever tried! (I think you'll probably agree.)

The butters and oils themselves are unrefined, allowing the lip butter/balm to retain its natural, health-giving properties.

Flavored with all natural steam distilled essential oils - no artificial sweeteners or fragrances.


Cupuaçu Butter: is perfect for a lip product. With a water absorption capacity 120% higher than that of lanolin, the usual choice in lip balms.

Goat Milk: lactic acid's gently exfoliate, natural proteins feed lips

Emu oil: protects lips; helps thicken skin layers by 2.5 times, (a natural "plump") adds a sheen

Castor Seed: (the queen oil for lip balms) great gloss that gives glide, and a salve with reputed ability to heal wounds and cure ailments.

The TRIFECTA: Moroccan Argan, Polynesian Tamanu, and Indian Neem: contains highest well-documented saponins, which naturally cleanse and soften; quenches free radicals and counteract the effects of age or weather, doesn't it make sense for use for sensitive lips?

CHAI TEA ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND (trade secret) pull triple duty as lip protector, plumper, seducer :

+Proprietary essential oil blend including; Black Pepper, Cardamom, and Anise stimulate blood flow, plumping lips,and brings a healthy natural color

+Clove creates subtle warming sensation making lips incredibly kissable;

+Vanilla 15 fold* and Cinnamon’s rich aroma are natural aphrodisiacs

+Orange: helps winter blues; but it also protects lips against the elements!

+Coconut powder and Vanilla Bean gently resurfaces skin, preparing lips for long-lasting lip color, without chapping.

This is NOT the type of exfoliation you may be used to in a lip balm or butter. It is VERY fine. Korres had made one with rice powder, and I loved it. It exfoliated so gently, continuously, almost unnoticeably. My lips never had that skin peeling (little pieces of skin arggh!) –which was especially irritating when I used lipstick (which can also cause it). This is similar to that Korres exfoliater. (If you want more exfoliation, once in a awhile, simply dip your balm in sugar, and apply).

*If you want to use Manuka honey skin care products it is important to check firstly that it does in fact contain Manuka Honey, and then you can check the antibacterial potency by it's UMF or MGO rating. Buying Honey for Skin Care. For our Medihoney™ quality products, we use Comvita, API Manuka Honey from New Zealand, or Manuka Doctor, NZ,depending on the market price


shipping prices are off on this item. please contact me if multiple product items adds shipping overages


“I had to write you and tell you the lip balm is phenomenal! Recently my husband and I moved and our lips were dry and wind burned. I used your lip balm that night, and he used the vitamin E balm from the Body Shop. WELL, GUESS WHO'S LIPS WERE COMPLETELY HEALED THE VERY NEXT DAY! MINE! He had to suffer for another day until he took mine and was healed. I'll tell you, a little goes a very long way with that. I was paying $20 for a single tube of lip balm at the Body Shop and did not notice a bit of a difference from a .99 drug store balm. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. We have now bought for our entire family. Your products continue to truly amaze me…..” Kayce G, .UTAH

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the goat milk, I am only making small batches at a time. Lip butters/balms containing goat milk do not have the shelf life that others have without them. Because this is a new launch, we don’t know how many units are going to sell. We may need to batch fresh lip butter/balms when you order. ALLOW 10 - 14 DAYS – unless I have it in stock.


Partial Ingredient listing: Soybean Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, Beeswax, Olive Wax, Candellila Wax, Cupuacu Butter, Mowrah Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Emu, Goat Milk, Active 15+ Manuka Honey, Neem, Tamanu, Jojoba, Argan, Oils, Proprietary Chai Tea essential oil blend, Coconut Powder, Vanilla Beans, Silver and Gold Mica Buying Honey for Skin Care

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