Milk & Manuka MediHoney UMF Hope in a Soap Eczema Natural Treatment 24 soothing botanicals, oils

by EtesianPlantaceuticals

We've had so many customers lately tell us they'd simply lost hope, until they finally found us, which why we decided to call this our "hope-in-a-soap" treatment soap.


An SLS free treatment soap for affected areas with 24-in-1 active world ingredients utilizing Active Manuka MediHoney.

Designed to work synergistically to:

Penetrate deeply, so anti-bacterial cleansing agents can enter the dermis of the skin (under the epidermis), on and under the skin’s surface, and alleviate itching FAST. Prevents the progression of scaling, by increasing circulation, draws out the toxins, eliminates inflamed tissues and soothes redness. Naturally enriched with non-steroidal pain relieving antiseptics, anagesics, and anti-inflammatory agents.

One of the great qualities of Active UMF 15+ Manuka Honey is that it maintains a moist environment on the skin while its antiseptic and antibiotic properties are preserved. Anecdotal testimony shows that patients using Active UMF (called the Unique Manuka Factor) Manuka Honey on the skin experienced reduced scaling after 3-4 applications. We use Comvita Active Manuka.

Comvita is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of premium quality UMF® Manuka Honey. The Comvita brand is well-known and trusted by retailers and consumers around the world for its high quality, effective natural health products. Comvita UMF® Manuka Honey is one of the world’s most trusted brands of Manuka Honey.

Lightly scented with wonderful oatmeal, honey aroma, hope-in-a-soap spot treatment has powerful plant, and oil extracts from the rainforests of the Amazon, Polynesia, Peru, Thailand, Australia, the still untouched lands of New Zealand to the deserts of Mexico.

Proprietary blend of rainforest botanicals butters and oils have been used for generations of Amazonian people to effectively treat skin infections.

The Secret is in the Lather!*

Utilizing my special bath pouf method, my special soaps are the only one of their kind, in the world. Bar none.

My soap is very unique because it’s 5x concentrated, denser; not “pre-whipped”– or uses chemicals to achieve awesome lather. If used according to directions, it’ll outlast any 12 oz. liquid soap (93% water). Once you try it, you’ll never go back to regular or liquid soaps again!

Provides the needed moisture & moisture retention - eliminating coarse, scaly skin. Built in sunscreens, oils helps thicken skin’s layers thinned from steroidal cream use. Returns skin to its proper function, and gives continuous hydration. And lastly, it’s an awesome anti-ager!


•Fresh goat milk’s actually feeds skin with proteins, vitamins and lactic acids penetrating deeply to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and moisturize skin

•Mexico’s Tepezcohuite Bark contains potent properties “found nowhere else in the world” with anti-bacterial properties alone, 300% more effective than streptomycin

•Peruvian Mangosteen’s anti-inflammatory properties have been compared in strength to one of the most potent anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, Dexamethasone, which has major side effects

•Proprietary Blend of Six Rainforest Botanicals kill bacteria, reduce inflammation drastically, sooth itching and moisturize skin. Speeds eczema healing by increasing blood flow to the damaged area. These extraordinary botanicals will keep you safe from pathogens entering your bloodstream through damaged skin.

•India Neem Oil, Polynesian Tamanu Oil are known as a pharmacy in a bottle. Recently featured on Dr. Oz, they work more effectively against bacterial and fungal infections than many antibiotics. It has an amazing ability to help promote the formation of new tissue

•Emu Oil – soothes, and helps thicken skins layers by 2.5 times. If you use steroids, or have used them in the past, chances are that your skin is thinner

•Shea butter contains cinnamic acid which protects the skin from the sun rays. Steroids can make skin more sensitive to UV light

•Willow bark eases pain and reduces inflammation

•Unprocessed, virgin coconut oil used to moisturize skin for centuries, but the true benefit comes from its anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties

•Pine Tar, now making a resurgence according to the National Psoriasis Foundation helps reduce itching and scaling from skin

•Aloe Butter, Allantoin, Comfrey, Sea Buckthorn soothe quickly

•Oatmeal on the other side soothes, and gives extra gentle exfoliation when desired

The special goat milk, Shea butter, olive oil and Manuka honey base creates the thick, solid, silky, whipped cream-like lather. Nutrients themselves, these ingredients act as a kind of “carrier” releasing the Tepezcohuite, Mangosteen powders, and other actives–literary melting into your skin, actively going to work to soothe inflammation, nourish, and retain moisture.

Directions for use: With starter bath pouf (3 uses, at best) soaking wet, rub soap vigorously into and around the pouf; squeeze all around, to create an abundance of lather. It should have very few bubbles. Scoop from pouf to apply to affected areas. Work lather in. If lather reduces, add a few drops to pouf; repeat. After using this method a few times, you’ll find the right balance of water/soap ratio. For best results, follow with Eczema Lotion Bar.

Please invest in a larger, pouf as soon as possible. For more exfoliation, you may use the oatmeal side, but not advised for every wash.

About 4.7 to 5 oz, comes with a starter bath pouf.

Hope-in-a-soap Ingredients: Goat Milk, 15+UMF Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Glycerin (vegetable), Sorbitol, Palmitic Acid (fatty acid cleanser) Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate (mild, cleansing agent), Tepezcohuite Bark, Pine Tar, Aloe Butter, proprietary blend of Amazonian botanicals, Mangosteen, Tamanu Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Noni Seed and leaf Oil, Maracuja Oil, Emu Oil, Neem Oil, Argan Oil, Willow Bark Extract, Comfrey, Sea Buckthorn, Allantoin, Ground Oatmeal, Natural Fragrance Oil


"I've tried many " soaps" since yours and they just can't even touch yours. In fact, it seems wrong to even use the word SOAP for your bars. They are so far from, and so much better than soap!"-tpinkham

"This has to be the best item on the planet! My skin is clear and healthy since I began this regimen. Krista is a caring individual with great customer service. I only purchase from this shop" - lj2066

‘Feels less irritated and inflammed already and skin is starting to improve A++” Buyer: yoshisattic

“for anyone who has a skin condition these products really do work. Lifesavers!”Buyer:(mamakoi)

First purchase: “Flaky, dry skin. After 1 single use I am dry no more!Wonderfully Amazing product I've got psoriasis.cleared 85% of it within a month. Better that pharmaceuticals” kaycegood27

Second purchase :“If you haven't bought this stuff, something's wrong with ya!” kaycegood27

"Your products were no doubt AMAZING and therapeutic. I've tried many " soaps" since yours and they just can't even touch yours. In fact, it seems wrong to even use the word SOAP for your bars. They are so far from, and so much better than soap!" - T. Pinkham

"This stuff is AMAZING! Skeptical at 1st, but was wrong! Best stuff in the world! Wonderful products!" - agermain ( 245)

"Thanx 4 your efforts! Milk & Manuka soap + lotion bar got rid of my dry patches!" -batdance ( 733)

"Unbelievably effective products! Second Order from Great Seller" aviatormanronald ( 28)

"I am sending this picture of my elbow (see above). I wish I'd taken a good 'before' picture, so you could see the difference, but this is after 5 days of using your products, and I have severe eczema. This is what it looks like now. Incredible! Thanks, so much, WOW, is all I can say"....xtratabaso

"Amazing stuff. Helps dramatically with my husbands dry cracked feet. Great on my hands.. Dermatillomania"-1goodstring

!“It hasn't been a week yet but my psoriasis is almost completely cleared up. My [sic] mainly affects my legs so you can imagine living in Arizona having to wear pants in the summer but now I can wear shorts again. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Blessings to you!” - Toni A. Arizona

"I can't say enough good things about this 2 in 1 Manuka Bar! My elbow cleared up immediately and my feet have never looked so good! I will never be without these 'miracles in a tin'! I usually order two at a time and reorder after I use one just to make sure I don't run out! I have tried dozens of products before but this is the one that works!" - D. Downs

"The products were terrific. I used the cleansing and lotion bars as directed and my dry, itchy, eczematic skin felt so like new. I've had eczema for years and this product made my skin so relieved - nothing I've used prescription or non has done that. Being all natural products is the icing on the cake. I'll definitely purchase again. Thanks Krista!" - J. Highsmith

"Amazing,cutting edge products,cured my dermatitis in 2 days having tried several M.D preions that never worked. Also, my skin is less lined having used the soap and lotion bar over a couple of months. I am gratefully satisfied these products and highly recommend them. The company is most reliable,timely and delivers results.Thank you sincerely,"buyer, I.O’Donald

“I cannot believe it! It’s been a week and my arms are almost completely healed. I’ve never had anything like this work so fast! And the lather is just AWESOME, AWESOME. I can’t thank you enough. They are truly, truly, remarkable products” - Susanna B. Georgia

“My psoriasis has been non existent since it cleared up during the summer when you came out with the psoriasis soap bars. I still have 2 bars. I use the oatmeal soap and the lotion bar every day so maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know what it is but I am not going to complain about it’. Tapplecox

"Amazing products!!! Works better than any product on the market. Great seller!!! Items shipped immediately. Thank you!!!" -Jeanninemiller1

“having used it (Marshmallow & Manuka Eczema Remedy Cream) for the past few days, I can definitely say that I am IN LOVE. It sinks in immediately, it smells like the most beautiful blend of flowers and herbs, and it makes my skin feel like silk and velvet. I have redness and scarring and severe dryness, and I know that within a few weeks, this cream will probably make all of that so much better. It has already started brightening my skin, slowly fading the redness, even getting rid of the blackheads - yay, manuka and goat milk. Most creams and balms, even organic, do need at least a couple of weeks to really kick in, so I cannot wait to see what happens next month.. – J. Paul, Gaithersburg Maryland

“i love the thick lather :)) – it is AWESOME! thank you so much for being a top seller. your service and genuine concern are the best i have met!!- Mamakoii

“My skin issue was getting worse again, showing signs of infection (what would normally be clear fluid was now yellow and/or white,) so when I found your product. I was hopeful it would help, and it certainly seems to be. Though the problem has not gone away completely, it’s greatly diminished. The overall texture/tone of my skin is greatly improved.... Even the areas most broken out are soft to the touch, despite the rash and surrounding dead skin, and are much less prone to cracking/ tearing” – Crystal B.

“I have suffered from severe eczema for years. Being a musician, my hands are always exposed, and I am terribly embarrassed by the crusts and flaky skin on my hands (never mind my legs). I have been given dozens of creams, pills, solutions over the years, but it never solves the problem. After you gave me the Special Skin Trio to try, I thought it might take a month to see results. It was four days! I carry my Shea Bar Tin in my guitar case and use it after every show” – Rafael C., New Rochelle, NY

“My 22 month old daughter is suffering from severe eczema. Eventually it spread throughout the lower part of her body, affecting the inner thighs, all the way to her feet and stomach area. She was suffering so much and itching like crazy! I tried all natural remedies that have helped in the past, but this outbreak did not ease up at all. So I searched online for “natural remedy for eczema”, which is when I found your website. I purchased the Special Skin Trio for Children Soap. In just 8 days, the skin cleared up beautifully and about a week later, all the scarring was gone from scratching. – Angela P. Carmel, Ca.

"Thank you SO much for the best customer service and care for a product that TRULY works. The great thing is that there are no “promises” that it will work, just a pure product and good common sense for the consumer, and it is truly a miracle! Like I said, I only use it when I need to, but it works great for my family and I will be as customer for LIFE! - M.C. Keller TX Buying Honey for Skin Care
If you want to use Manuka honey skin care products it is important to check firstly that it does in fact contain Manuka Honey, and then you can check the antibacterial potency by it's UMF or MGO rating.

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