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Acne DermaDefense Set includes Milk & Manuka BHA/AHA Clearing Fresh Glow Balancing Cleanser, Serum I with SEBUMREG, Acne DermaDefensePore Minimizing Moisturizer and your choice of misting toners. It's your best defense against acne and breakouts. Proven results using the newest cutting-edge plantaceuticals™, amazonian extracts in a natural, creamy aloe and lactalyte base.Probably the most advanced products on Etsy.

For details about each product please see their indiviudal listings.

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Milk & Manuka Fresh Glow Balancing Cleanser , and serious acne with Exfoliating Tepezohuite/Sandalwood (if you do NOT have oily skin please choose other kit)

A more advanced version, this Milk & Manuka BHA/AHA Fresh Glow Natural Balancing Face Wash is enhanced with higher levels of AHA/BHA fruit acids for the top dead surface layers, that begin to build on the surface of the skin as we age and the natural sloughing activity of the skin slows down. 5.5 oz

Cleanser: concentrated aspen bark extract acts as a powerful and non-drying salicylic acid to reduce inflammation, redness and blemishes. Powerful pharmaceutical grade skin balancers detox and protect the skin while antibacterial properties take care of the rest.

Acne DermaDefense Serum I: Helps heal and repair skin’s natural moisture barrier. Botanical polyphenol-rich complex balances moisturization with acne control, and improves skin appearance. A must have in preventing and controlling future pimples, whiteheads, blackheads. Light, moisturizing, possesses healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties that absorbs completely imparting an extraordinary softness and silky feel.
30 ml pump
For details:

DermaDefense Pore Minimizing Moisturizer II: An exclusive blend of the tissue repair botanical extracts and a proprietary blend of Amazonian extracts, Niacinamide and Panthenol are anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing, and moisturizing, and are known to heal red, damaged and irritated skin. 50 ml

Therapeutic plant and flower essential oils, promotes cell regeneration, heals, fights bacteria to reduce and prevent the appearance of blemishes and acne. Soothing and calming, nurtures and eases skin discomfort, relaxes. Glycolic Acid from sugar cane extract and natural Lactic Acid, from corn, to revitalize, and renew, for a more radiant, younger, looking skin to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Absorbs completely. Can be worn under makeup and at night. 2 oz airless pump jar


+ NatureCide- Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid, in this case from Aspen Bark, which is very different from the exfoliation of the alpha hydroxy acids. Instead of being small they are large and get deep into the pores to dissolve the build up that leads to problem skin and inflammatory acne.Natural botanical alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) helps shed off dead skin cells induces renewal, and increases the moisturizing level of the skin. Copaiba - bacteriostatic properties are known stop acne dead

+ Botanical Extracts - nourish, and heal, the skin

+ NatureSilk - offers natural hydration

+ OatBetaGlucan- calms irritation and helps reduce redness

+Allantoin - a botanical extract thought to have healing and anti-irritant properties.

+Panthenol - prevents the loss of the protective barrier otherwise stripped away by aggressive acne and oil-control treatments

+ 200x aloe vera soothes and nurtures

+ Geranium Extract - cleanse and cool

+ African Violet Extract - antioxidant, antibacterial, cleansing and toning properties. The new maceration is now being used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, skin ruptures and similar skin ailments.

+ Amazonian Pracaxi - renews tissue and acts as a soothing antiseptic, cicatrizing agent and fungicide to helps fight skin infections. Antiseptic action not only helps to cool down inflamed skin, but also helps to sort out the source of the inflammation

CHOOSE YOUR 4 oz AntiAcneMisting Toner choose(see their listings):

1.Severe, Cystic, Acneic Skin:

anti-inflammatory Algae Extract

Dry Skin with Breakouts:
2. White Rose & Super Aloe Toner Mist with Algae Extract

Combination Skin
3. Banishing Blemish Crisp Green AppleMint Toner Mist

4. Cucumber Honeysuckle Extract

5. Soothing Coconut Water - Lavender Toner Mist Buying Honey for Skin Care
If you want to use Manuka honey skin care products it is important to check firstly that it does in fact contain Manuka Honey, and then you can check the antibacterial potency by it's UMF or MGO rating.

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