Monthly Payment Plan for the VIP Group - 15.00 Per MONTH

by ET's Graphs

NEW VIP MEGA subscription payment plan. We have had many come to us for a payment plan offer. We worked up the only option we can offer and here is the details.

The Full Price for those wanting a payment plan will be 150.00. This offer is only good through February 8th 2020. Then the doors close. PM ME if you decide youd like to join with a payment plan subscription.

We only offer the VIP group once a year.

How will this work?

1.You would pay off your 150.00 over 10 months. Payments will be 15.00 per month and due by the 5th of each month.

2.You will NOT be added into the VIP group until your final payment has been made. You will be able to choose up to 3 Bundles each month from our FULL VIP Group Files - List of Bundles. These will be sent to your messenger or email once your monthly payment is paid.

3.IF you ever decide to stop the payment plan your bundles are what you paid for and we do NOT owe you anything.

4.Membership Paid In Full - Once you have paid in Full, you will be added to the VIP Group. Welcome to The VIP group You will find over 100 Bundles in our files. We give you free access to download what you would like to use at any time. We will add all new bundles made by each designer to the files each month. This year we will be adding all of our full exclusive Disney bundles. Lobby will have a free small cal version but the full versions will only be found in the VIP group & no longer sold. We will offer them only as a perk in our VIP Group.

5.January 2021 - If you are a current VIP member and wish to renew your subscription by joining the payment plan option - you will be allowed to stay in the group and pay your monthly payment subscription plan fees each month, payments are due by the 5th of each month. IF You miss your payment you will be removed from the group and will need to finish your payments through pm to earn your way back into the VIP Group.


Ultimate Bargain Package -

Over 100 Bundles are loaded for instant use.

Q. What is the VIP Ultimate Mega Bundle Group?

A. Join our VIP group and be the first to own each bundle as they are released, for one price. VIP Ultimate Mega Bundle Group (PASS) Good for entry through 1/31/2021 - You will have access to over 100 Bundles to start. All bundles from 2018-12/31/2020.

Bundles created by ETS Graphs, Pixelated Designs, Graph Designs and Cindy's Graphs. Your access begins today - 1/2021 NOTE: IF YOU purchase this bundle you will need to PM me for entry. This offer is good through Monday 1/26/20 ONLY!

Accepted payment methods

ET's Graphs accepts the following forms of payment:

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