BuddyWear™ Malden Mills Powerstretch® Fleece for Layering or alone, for lightweight warmth.

by Furbuddyproducts

PLEASE, you must include your dogs full measurements with this order. Full instructions are at the end of this description.

This is a mid weight material and is designed to be worn under a suit and trap the body heat. It can also be worn as a stand alone garment when temps are moderate. Tanner wears this inside the home on our cool PNW winters. You can slip on their everyday overcoat for walks, use it as a base layer under a warmer suit on really cold days or as a stand alone in the warmer winters of the south or in air conditioned homes.

A bonus...it's made in America fabric.

This fleece is combined with Lycra® for great 4-way stretch. I chose this material for the first layer because of the nylon surface...it will allow you to slip on the outer suit easily. It won't grab and stick like fleece to fleece. Because of the nylon surface it was very easy to slip on the topcoat.

Just as you will need a first layer under your clothing on chilly winter days...so does your pet. You can slip this on under any outfit currently in the "dog" closet. A little extra help under the raincoat is much appreciated for our thin skinned four legged companions.

One piece design just slips over the head and the legs gently guided in. No need to remove for potty breaks..there is plenty of room on the underside. All seems are serged with 4 threads which provides maximum stretch and movement with no blow outs.

Great body suit for Italian Greyhounds..biggie iggy to small iggy, Hairless breeds, Xolos, American Hairless Terriers, Chinese Crested, and any dog needing a little extra help in the warmth dept.

This suit is only offered in sizes up to 18" back length at this time. I do make this for larger dogs so please convo me and I will let you know price and if I can do it. The suit is priced according to your dogs back length.

PLEASE don't forget...

Please include dogs:
1. Length from base of neck to start of tail
2. Chest at deepest point all the way around.
3. Neck in the center all they way around.
4. Height at shoulder
5. Weight
6. Breed
7. Sex

If you need help measuring please read info below:

First of all thank you, for taking the time to read this, it will help you get a better fitting garment for your dog or cat. It will also help me during my busy season as I can spend over 2 hours of each day answering questions and trying to get good measurements.

There are just a few parts to getting a good measurement.
1. A soft measuring tape.
2. Patience
3. A relaxed standing dog.
4. More patience.

You wouldn't believe how many times I have gotten emails wanting to know if they can use their metal construction tape and measure their dog while the dog is laying down sleeping.

Ok..back to measuring. I need 1. length 2. chest 3. neck 4. height 5. weight, 6. sex
7. breed. All measurements should be snug but not tight, don't allow extra, I will on my end.

1. Length: This often difficult to explain. It is from the base of the neck to the start of the tail. The base of the neck is usually, depending on size and breed, a couple finger widths in front of the shoulder blades. Another way to "see" the base of neck is to watch your dog when out free in the yard and something catches his attention. Right where the neck takes the natural bend up is the base.

2. Chest: This is an easy one. At the deepest part, just behind the front legs, completely around.

3. Neck: Again, an easy one. Right in the middle, not at the base and not at the ears but smack dab in the middle, all the way around.

4. Height: This one can be a challenge and important but not critical. You take from the top of the shoulder blade to the ground. If you have a light weight straight object you can lay over the shoulder blades across the back you can see the starting point.

5. Weight: Weight helps me put all the puzzle together and know if you are close in the above measurements. Please don't guess, if you haven't gotten a recent weight at the vets office you can use you home scale provided you can pick you dog up. Again this is not critical so if you can't get it and are accurate with the rest I can make your suit.

6/7. Sex and Breed: Sex helps with knowing how much coverage I can give to the belly and breed helps me know if your measurements are correct.

8. If you are ordering a winter suit and want the head covering snood with toggle there is one more measurement I will need.

1. Dog must be standing in a relaxed position
2. Must use a soft tape
3. Start at the base of the neck, go up through the ears to the start of the eye.
4. Dog should be holding the head in an natural stance, not hanging down.
5. If you need help to hold the dog still it's best to get an extra set of hands.

I ship worldwide..if you are outside the Us and Canada, are in the "everywhere else" category and would like a country specific quote please convo me first.

No returns on custom orders but I will alter for free if it's just a matter of leg length or other easy fixes.
By making this purchase you agree you have read and understood my shop policy's
Easy machine wash cool, hang dry.

Thank you for stopping by my store, and buying Made in America.

Randi and her 3 helpers, Nikki the Decker Terrier, and Rosie and Tanner..my American Hairless Terriers.
I make the cuffs on my joggers a little roomier for just this reason. I also keep my legs a little shorter to allow potty breaks in wet grass. That way you don't have to change the jogger each time they head out in the rain. If you want your legs longer just let me know.
This jogger is cut for a female which has more tummy coverage.
I have other sizes in this pattern, please contact me if you are interested.
I also have many more patterns and solids and are happy to take custom orders through email.
The hairless in the picture is Rosie an American Hairless Terrier and she was none to happy to be taken from her warm bed..as you can see:>))

Thank you for looking!

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