Acne Face Cream GEDCAFC7

by Garden Earthly Delites

This acne face cream is remarkable it is made with natural plant extracts, seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, & essential oils and lots of love. I spent a long time researching this to be able to bring you a high quality product. It is all natural, organic, and wild crafted ingredients. I use the highest quality standards and ingredients.

This product is really easy to use, you simply cleanse your face and apply a light layer of acne face cream on and a little goes a long way!

This was designed to heal the infections that you get from acne and to get rid of the redness and reduce the scarring that occurs with all different types of acne.

This product contains: grapeseed oil,beeswax, calendula, comfrey, yarrow, burdock, thyme, clove, rosemary infussed herbs and the following essential oils: spikenard, tea tree, palmarosa, frankincense, lavender, juniper, lemongrass, orange, & myrrh.

All of these herbs and oils have been thourghly researched. The grapeseed oil which is great for your skin and is a great antioxidant and high in vitamin E.

Rosemary which helps fight acne, tightens sagging skin, cell regenerator, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, high in iron, calcium, & minerals.

Tea tree is anti bacteria,& anti fungal, reduces the effects of acne on skin. Studies have shown that Tea tree is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide used in leading acne treatments.

Clove is great for inflamed and infected pimples, along with thyme. They both have very anti bacterial properties that contains Eugene which has the ability to fight bacteria including candida that may cause cystic acne.

Thyme has been researched to be more effective than benzoyl peroxide used in leading medicated acne creams!

Calendula,comfrey, yarrow,burdock, and spikenard are great at healing the skin and getting rid of the redness and infection that can occur with acne.

Spikenard, Comfrey, & Calendula are unsurpassed when it comes to healing wounds, eruptions, boils, acne, and hundreds of other skin conditions and problems.

Lavender and Myrrh are there to help soothe the skin and help in the reduction of scarring that is all too common with all types of acne.

Juniper. lemongrass, orange, & palmarosa are also great at fighting acne and healing the skin and promoting new cell regeneration, and fighting infection and bacteria caused by acne.

If you use it continously you will see results. It truly is amazing how it works. This product comes in a 4 oz plastic reusable jar with a screw on lid. It is best if you keep this in the fridge as it will last a long time this way and has absolutely no perservatives in this product. There for refridgeration is highly recommended.
Settling can occur in this product this is expected, just stir it up to reblend it.

None of this information is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. It is intended for personal knowlege for you and nothing more.

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