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GMJ African Crafts and Accessories is a family owned business that consists of my husband, daughter, family members in Uganda, and myself. We offer beautiful unique African Crafts and Accessories. The business was formed as we were on vacation in Uganda. We fell in love with the people, culture and the crafts. We loved the crafts and decided we wanted to start a business where we would be able to share the unique crafts with other people that love African Crafts as well.

Also, while in Uganda, we encountered several people that needed financial support specifically orphans. We decided the best way for us to help was through selling the African Crafts to raise the funds to continue supporting the orphans. This would not only provide us with an opportunity to help the needy but also to share with the rest of the world the beautiful crafts that we love.

Letter from Henry

GMJ African Crafts and accessories

Eagan, MN, USA