Miracle fruit Synsepalum dulcificum Miracle berry miraculous berry Sweet berry a very rare tropical exotic fruit tree seeds - 5 Numbers

by hoxem

"* PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY FRESH SEEDES ARE GOOD FOR SOWING & GERMINATION,SO THE QTY AVAILABLE NORMALLY DEPENDS ON THE AVAILABILITY OF FULL GROWN FRUITS ON MY TREES FROM TIME TO TIME. (The seeds of this rare plant are to be planted/ sown for germination immediately after receiving it,the self life is only two to three weeks maximum) SO PLEASE KEEP ALL THE REQUIRED MEDIUM FOR SOWING READY WHILE YOUR SEEDS REACH IN YOUR HANDS.Please note that,seeds/bulbs/ Rhizoms/ Plant cuttings, are liveing organism l
* You too can grow miracle fruit trees from seeds. Seeds must be fresh! To grow miracle fruit seedlings you can scatter (sow) your miracle fruit seeds right after enjoying them. Simply grab a handful and spread them on the surface of a container filled with damp potting mix. Cover them lightly with potting soil. You too can grow miracle fruit trees from seeds. Seeds must be fresh! To grow miracle fruit seedlings you can scatter (sow) your miracle fruit seeds right after enjoying them.

Synsepalum dulcificum) Miracle fruit is an evergreen shrub that can also be trained as a standard tree. This truly amazing plant produces tiny red berries that when the pulp is eaten, turns sour foods sweet. The fruit has no scent, sort of a bland taste that's hard to describe. You might wonder what's the big deal? Well the fruit will surprise you when you discover its magical effect.The fruit's white pulp tricks the taste buds to make lemons taste sweet as lemonade. But thats not all. Many other sour foods suddenly taste amazing when miracle fruit pulp coats the tongue.The effects of the fruit can last from 30 minutes to as much as an hour. Today more and more people are discovering and enjoying this fruit all over the world. Growing your miracle fruit tree  The Miracle Fruit Plant is the perfect patio plant and can also be  an attractive house plant. Why not consider adding a Miracle Fruit tree to your  plant collection. Miracle fruit grows best in filtered light away from direct sunlight. We always recommend that you grow these trees in bright filtered light. Some nurseries suggest they should be grown in full sun, we don't find full sun to be ideal conditions. Our trees are always container grown and produce plenty of berries. We don't have to worry about watering as often either because the direct sun can really cook the soil and stress the roots. Full sun also requires much more fertilizer applications. This most unusual fruit has a remarkable and miraculous effect you will never forget! After you taste this amazing berry lemons and other sour foods you taste become sweet, as if sugar had been added. This magical experience is unforgettable!  A natural chemical in the fruit masks the tongue’s sour taste buds. What causes the miracle? The fruit has a unique taste changing glycoprotein that inhibits your taste buds perception of sour taste. The sweet sensation lasts for half an hour to a few hours."

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