Rarest Heliconia Stricta, Firebird Plant Rhizomes For Growing

by hoxem

"Kindly check this plant suits to your climate, soil and environment BEFORE PURCHASE .

Planting instructions
Please plant as soon as possible after you receive the rhizome.
The rhizome should still have growing ‘buds’ or new shoots as well as the leaf stem.
The rhizome should be planted with the top (leaf stem/new shoots/buds pointing upwards) no more than 3-4 cm under the soil. New shoots or larger buds should be above the soil. You can often look at the rhizome and see where the soil line had been while it was growing.
It is very important not to plant the rhizome too deep, as this will invite fungi and cause root rot. Freshly planted rhizomes need oxygen to grow new roots and will die if the planting medium is too dense or too wet.
After planting, water thoroughly, then do not water again until soil is getting dry. Keep evenly moist, but not wet, when shoots to grow and leaves start to unfold.
If planted in pots, these should be of sufficient size - at least 10 to 15 cm wider than rhizome size. Keep the pots in a warm, sunny place. When leaves start to unfold the plants can be planted out - again in well drained soil.
A slow release fertilizer is ideal in the beginning. Larger and already established plants require more fertilizing and more water.

Kind note:

A plant may have many names, it’s obvious that they might have a common botanical name, at the same time it may happen the same be known by different names in different parts of the globe. For example, in a vast country like India each plant is known by different names, varying within states and languages. So, a diligent look at the photos, studying/understanding the names by which the plant is known in your area, using resources within the internet, and with the help of clue names given in the listing: kindly make sure, you are looking for the right plant matching your requirements. Every plants doesn't match every environment, mostly many would demand particular climatic conditions. Basically, these plants are from Kerala, which has a wet and maritime tropical climate. So, please ensure that the concerned plant(s) can grow in conditions available in your area, in other words soil conditions should match. Please note that Plants are living beings like us; they are sent to you in closed packing. So by the time it reaches you they might get exhausted due to the lack of photosynthetic activity in them for 3-4 days. And it’s quite natural phenomenon to get little dry, before you take action to get them regenerated again.

Precautionary action before buying:

When you order a plant, we are under the understanding that you are the care taker of it and that you hold yourself responsible for its well being after its arrival. Hence, please consider these precautionary actions for best results: Make sure you have made some arrangement for planting the plant(s) prior to its arrival. For e.g., getting the pots ready and soil preparation. The plant should be placed in the concerned intended location on the immediate receipt of it without delay. The reason being that shipping can be at times very hard on the plants. Please keep yourself well informed about the caring procedures of the plants, internet and books are the best the resources. Be informed that not all plants will endure/survive the transport condition during/after delivery. However, if the above points are considered very seriously you may have best fruitful results. As a seller my responsibility is limited to packing these living beings in the best possible way, with utmost care and deliver them swiftly to your door."

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