DIY Tabletop Labyrinths, assemble your own from instant PDF download

by Jan4insight

Labyrinths are sacred patterns that have been created worldwide since ancient times. This labyrinth uses the classical seven-circuit Cretan mode of labyrinth construction. It is a portable version of the "walk-through" labyrinths that you may have experienced at many locations around the world.

Here's a great product for metaphysically inclined. I have developed this design by drawing on my years of study and practice as a professional intuitive, Feng Shui consultant, and dowser.

I, too, have created and walked ground labyrinths. To experience this is truly a blessing. But not everybody has a 50-foot-wide space of cleared ground in their backyard, and it's hard to take something like that with you when you travel! This portable labyrinth is the answer.

"Jan, Thank you - After using the labyrinth I feel less frazzled."
Vivian A., Albuquerque

Among the various uses this portable labyrinth can serve: It can focus your meditation, and clear sacred objects (and even computers). Best of all, by tracing the pathways with your fingers, you are re-creating the same balancing, harmonizing, and manifesting benefits that walking a ground labyrinth can give.

My special innovation in this design is the order of the colors in the pathway. As you trace, your fingers will move through the spectrum (and chakra) colors in their proper order - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and the reverse. This provides superior cleansing and balancing of the chakras as you trace the pathways of this labyrinth.

Complete instructions for assembly and all of these uses are provided on with the PDF. You will receive a 4-page PDF document that includes one page of assembly instructions, one page of instructions for use, and two labyrinth images. The second photo in this listing shows the labyrinth images as they came out of my home-use printer, before assembly (your pdf product will not be watermarked). The remaining photos show examples of tabletop labyrinth use.

These PDF sheets are intended for use by the buyer, for personal and educational use only.

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