Jewelry By Vee...Spoon Jewelry since 2005!

Jewelry By Vee is the “ORIGINAL” Spoon Pendant Designers...of “OUR” style of “SPOON PENDANTS”!

Yes, there are and have been many “Spoon Pendants” out there.

However.....NOTHING like “OUR” Specialty Spoon Pendant!
Prior to designing “OUR” Spoon Pendant craft…we completed hours upon COUNTLESS hours of research as anyone going into business should do...AND we “continue” to do so!

Since 2005…my family and I (Jewelry By Vee) have created unique items from silverware...specializing in Spoon Pendants. Our jewelry is created by manipulating spoons, forks, knives, and other metals (copper, brass, steel, aluminum, etc.) using natural stones, crystals, wood, acrylic, clay, fabric, ceramic…beads, findings and many other items.

There have been many try their hand at "copying" our techniques of our spoon pendants. Customers all across the USA are sharing…that they are also seeing “OUR” idea of the Spoon Pendants as far as New York to California. We are also seeing them here and there online.
The “techniques” we use to craft “OUR” Specialty Spoon Pendants are not SIMPLY a “NEW WAY” of making them as promoted by COPYIST...the plagiarists of the jewelry industry.

Due to the high interest of COPYIST…we apologize that you will not find "OUR" Specialty Spoon Pendants listed here in our online shop.
We do continue to attend Craft Fairs and Events all across the USA!
Interested in Jewelry By Vee coming to your area? Feel free to send a private message to us at, be sure to list your craft event name in the subject line.

If you are familiar and have an interest in our high quality, uniquely designed spoon pendants by the "ORIGINAL" designer of "OUR" style of spoon pendants, or our line of specialty handcrafted jewelry, please feel free to contact me.