Hello! Welcome to my shop! I am a 48 year old single mother of a beautiful 4 year old girl and two handsome boys in their twenties! (yes, you read that right!)

I have been making jewelry for over 15 years and love it! My jewelry line was sold under the name, Masala Jewel. I used to love to paint until I suffered a rather serious hand injury. As a result of over 10 surgeries, My right hand has a fused thumb and restricted movement in my wrist. I had thought this was the end of my painting, since I could not paint the fine detail any longer.

After my daughter was born I changed my lifestyle dramatically. I no longer work crazy hours. I cut out many "luxuries", like a car, to enable me to spend as much time with my daughter as possible. We were finger painting one day, and I discovered I love to paint abstract. I began to experiment painting glam girls, abstract doodle art, etc. I love it! I hope you do as well!


Fresno, CA, USA