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With its chic design, our MELISANDE BK3108 baguette bag is a sophisticated choice for daily use and nights out with reasonable size. It has a fresh fashion look for all seasons and the lively color is totally on-trend. MELISANDE model is very body friendly, thanks to its soft feel and very lightweight, can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body with its long adjustable shoulder strap. The bag closes with zip closure on the top where one interior zipper pocket and one in front exterior zipper pocket help you to organize the smaller items you carry with yourself. You must remember it’s easy to match this model with your dress, shoes, nail colors and etc., because of its colorfulness. This extraordinary baguette made by silk and high-quality polyester for your daily use as this kind of material has an unexampled resistance to rupture and tear. MELISANDE model is waterproof and can be used anywhere anytime.

What is the carpet?
Carpet is a textile floor covering typically consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile was traditionally made from wool. A carpet is used for a variety of purposes such as Rugs, Bags, Shoes, Phone Cover and etc. The beginning of carpet weaving remains unknown but, woven rugs probably developed from earlier floor coverings, made of feeling, or a technique known as flat weaving and later on developed into a technique known as loop weaving. Loop weaving is done by pulling the weft strings over a gauge rod, creating loops of thread facing the weaver.

In most Rugs, the pile is of sheep’s wool. Its characteristics and quality vary from each area to the next, depending on the breed of sheep, climatic conditions, pasturage, and the particular customs relating to when and how the wool is shorn and processed. The weaving of pile rugs is a time-consuming process which, depending on the quality and size of the rug, may take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete.

Various forms of flat-weaves exist including Kilim, Jajim & Suzani

Kilim is flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims can be purely decorative or used for making bags and shoes. Modern kilims are popular floor-coverings in Western households. Wool is the primary and often the only material used to make a kilim rug. Many kilims are made totally from wool where it is used for both warps and wefts, and wool is the primary weft material used with cotton warps, which accounts for the great majority of all kilims.

Jajim or Jajem means a “Thick cloth” like “Palas” and also a kind of two-sided carpet, which is thinner than Palas. Jajim is woven with colorful and fine threads of wool or mixture of silk and wool. It is a hand weave with no fluff and its two surfaces could be used. It is a tribal weaving and used as a coverlet or protector from coldness.

Suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile which is from the Persian word Suzan that means needle. Suzanis usually have a cotton (sometimes silk) fabric base, which is embroidered in silk or cotton thread. Suzanis were traditionally made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry and were presented to the groom on the wedding day. These hand-embroidered vintage suzanis are infused with the character that only comes from everyday use. The story of each of these suzanis is as rich as their colors, as intricate as the designs that cover their surfaces.

Pictorial carpet or picture carpet is an ornamental rug specially prepared for hanging on room and hall walls for decoration. The designs and samples on pictorial carpets are completely different from those on common floor rugs. Pictorial carpets are generally made of silk but they have also been made from wool. Pictorial carpets are usually framed to sell and use. Pictorial carpets are being woven exactly the same way as the Persian rug has been made over the past 2500 years so it is no different in quality. The main difference is that in pictorial carpet, there is not the ancient design and it always has a picture or scenery that are much more colorful with many different scenes. They can be framed in the same way as an artwork or painting and they are designed to be hung on the wall.

Our Story:

Our Past
The idea of KARDASHII started in 1998 when founders had the idea of starting and providing the best fashion, luxury & class handmade carpet products with highest quality and authenticity. KARDASHII offers a various range of hand-made Kilim, Jajim and Suzani products where symbols, patterns, and colors are woven by nomadic tribesmen with devotion to tradition. Since all products are different in design, NO identical two Products are the same can be made and all of the products are unique and one of a kind. Especially in the kilim Bags, the company is boasting of being the first & the best company to start this production. The high-quality standards in the service and products soon enabled the company to increase and enrich the product ranges and capacity with nearly 100 skilled craftsmen.

Our Present
KARDASHII has buried its roots in antique’s unique fashion with highest commitment and standards. From that, we have sprung into a world of sophistication and style with our products. Standing alone in purity and craftsmanship, our products are made from pure wool and the highest quality silk. It’s what makes KARDASHII a unique destination; when you shop with us, you’ll find styles you won’t find anywhere else. Today we stay true to our legacy with an unfaltering dedication to every individual piece. KARDASHII online platform as the world’s best luxury unique boutiques– from Tokyo to Toronto, Milan to Miami- bring the one of a kind handmade products to you. Shopping with us is easy – and (we’re proud to say) enjoyable. So if you’re in need of style inspiration explore our website’s and don’t forget, you can shop it all your way (create your own wish-list and even select your local currency. We have an elite team, who are truly capable, dedicated, and flexible and demonstrate unparalleled expertise on a daily basis and offer multi-lingual customer service, a sound set of internet system and advanced online marketing.

Our Future
It begins with you. Our commitment, and the reason for being is to provide you a unique & luxury styles you won’t find anywhere else. Every product we create for you is a step towards our future and proof that we will never falter in our promise to provide high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our designs are a blend of exquisite colors and luxurious textiles to create that one-of-a-kind statement piece. We honor bespoke craftsmanship and celebrate the mesmerizing fusion of traditional handwork and contemporary elements. This is the philosophy we keep in mind when designing our collection. YOU will have handmade unique fashion Bags, Shoes, Phone Covers &... which everyone else will want it! Our statement pieces are bold, vibrant, and truly one-of-a-kind. Each KARDASHII products is designed, cut, sewn, beaded, and perfected by hand, using gorgeous custom-made textiles with new and vintage embellishments. This has resulted in a long list of loyal customers.

Symbols in our products
The mysterious shapes, which we describe as symbols, lie on the boundary between reality and imagination. We cannot dismiss them as mere figments of the imagination and without significance, however, even though we may not understand them. They might appear to the uninitiated to be subjective, but in fact, they are strictly governed by cultural rules and principles. Symbols reflect the very origins of art when the individual first became aware of the sacred aspect of nature and they gradually came to embody all the diverse socio-cultural elements of human existence.

Vision & Mission

“We are made by dreams”

KARDASHII was created with a rebellious mission - to get rid of boring!
We LOVE what we do and we get crazy excited about making sure your style is on point! Our theory is that fashion should be effortless, simple and fresh. We laugh hard, love big, and explore a lot, constantly drawing on our own experiences, adventures and inspirations to cultivate a real brand identity that you can relate to and trust in. We want to talk to and with you, share in your experiences and taking you along for ours, because at the end of the day it's all about the adventure

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