Blue woollen cloud pillow for children's room. Felted wool cloud cushions. Wool Pillows by KATSU. Can be used as a sachet.

by KATSU stones

Ever wanted to reach the sky and touch the clouds? With our new collection of clouds of wool, you have such an opportunity. They are so airy, gentle and lovely.

Cloud pillow are handmade from natural wool that conserve heat.
Wool is a natural material, therefore it “breathes” and does not absorb dirt. Made durable for long-term use. Our pillows are filled with Holofiber, a high-quality durable material with a hollow structure. It is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable, flame-resistant, conserves heat, does not absorb moisture and exterior odors and makes no breeding-ground for insects. Moreover, items filled with Holofiber are very light and soft, they do not crease or collapse, while retaining their elasticity and regaining their shape after use.

Handmade from natural wool. Seamless. Filled with Holofiber. Soft and Bouncy. Regain original shape easily.

Size, shape and proportions may vary at customer's option. Can be performed in any color.
Perfect for
*Modern interior
*Children's room
You can sprawl out on them, hug or even throw them around!

Size range: from 20 cm (7,8 inches) to 45 cm (17,7 inches).

20cm (7,8 inches) 97$
25cm (9,8 inches) 107$
30cm (11,8 inches) 132$
35cm (13,7 inches) 154$
40cm (15,7 inches) 177$
45cm (17,7 inches) 194$

Set (25+35+45cm (9.8+13.7+17.7 Inches) 333$
Set 3x30cm (3x11.8 Inches) 267$

You can choose the dimensions of the cushions, as well as the color scale and the design.
On a unique felted wool KATSU pillows almost no bits of lint appear. But still, if they do, you can easily restore your pillow to its original state by using a lint removing device.
To remove dirt from an item you may wash it with warm water, soap and a sponge, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and allow to dry in a well-ventilated area.

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