Gothic, Carnival Perfume Samples - from our "KrAzY KarNivaLe Freak Show Collection"

by kuhlwhip

14 Artisan Perfume Samples from our "KrAzY KarNivaLe Freak Show Collection".
This collection is obscure, and a bit different, blending interesting, and unusual combinations of fragrances worthy of a fabu Vintage Carnival Freak Show.

You'll receive one of each of the following:

"Francesca The Bearded Lady" Artisan Perfume Oil from our KrAzY KarNivaLe Freak Show line.

"Introducing the fabulous Francesca! She's got one-of-a-kind sexy good looks with an extra special bonus! Yes, her beard is real! Go ahead and touch it, feel it, but please don't yank it, she's a bit sensitive about that."

Francesca The Bearded Lady Perfume is packed with 3 different woods, 2 herbal notes, 2 special resins, as well as Ylang Ylang and Freesia. Combined, this perfume is incredibly sultry, sexy and irresistible to all who smell it! Mysteriously Feminine!

*This product contains essential oils which should be allergy tested on the skin prior to wearing*

"The Amazing Flying Mermaid" Artisan Perfume Oil from our KrAzy KaRnIvAle Side Show Freaks collection.

"Step right up, and don't be shy because, you will not believe your eyes! Here she is, the amazing flying Mermaid!! That right folks, not only can she swim the deepest of oceans but, she can also soar to the highest of heights with her fantastical working wings! Half fish, half flying human? Come on in and you can judge for yourself!" :)

A mystical & magical blend of ocean aquatics, heliotrope, frangipani, freesia, and some aquatic florals create this unbelievably enticing fragrance. A light, fresh, and fun floral!


“The Fat Lady” Artisan Perfume Oil from our KrAzy KaRnIvAle Side Show Freaks collection.

Of all the Side Show Freaks, I think I envy the Fat Lady the most. I mean after all, she not only get’s to eat everything at the concession stand, she encouraged to do so!

What does the Fat Lady smell like? Like caramel apples, cotton candy, vanilla ice cream, funnel cakes, buttered popcorn and those sweet things one may find at the Carnival.

Ingredients: Perfume Oil, Jojoba Oil, Love & Alchemy


"The Tattoed Lady" Artisan Perfume Oil from our KrAzy KaRnIvAle Side Show Freaks collection.

Oh Lydia “The Tattooed Lady” Perfume Oil from our KrAzY KarNivaLe Freak Show line. "

She was the most glorious creature under the sun, oh Lydia oh Lydia say have you met Lydia? Lydia the Tattooed Lady! She has eyes that folks adore, so, and a torso even more so”.

Way ahead of her time was good ole Oh Lydia! Practically completely covered in body tattoos, she must have been quite a side show spectacle! A "proper lady" she was not but, no matter...she was certainly a popular dame.

A bit rough around the edges like the woody notes in this perfume, sassy like the white ginger and blood orange fragrances, but still I think she had a feminine & mysterious side to her just like the moonflower we added to this bold, sexy and in your face fresh fragrance!


"Snake Oil Salesman" Artisan Perfume Oil

"Hurry, hurry, step right up! Find it here and here alone, the one, the original Snake Oil Liniment direct from the Santa Rosa Mountains. What does it do you ask?! It makes it rain outside, and grows flowers in your garden, it creates Amore, and can find hidden treasures. And if you act right now, you can be the one millionth and oneth happy customer who has purchased this miracle ointment!"

Ok, I'm lying but I think you might like this one!
A sultry unisex fragrance created with tons of love and essential oils like this:
Blended together are ancient cypher's, incense accord with frankincense, Egyptian sandalwood, a shot of whiskey, spices like ginger and cardamom, and a bunch of deep dark secrets that well, if you told you I'd have to kill ya ;)
For external use only!

Fragrance family: Oriental/Cyphre /Spice- Season: Fall/Winter - Mood: Sexy

*Unisex Fragrance"

The Snake Charmer Gothic Carnival Artisan Perfume Oil

"The Snake Charmer" artisan perfume oil from the kRaZy KRnIvAl Freak Show collection 1/8 fl oz in an amber colored glass apothecary bottle.

I love the sound of the Pungi flute as the Snake Charmer summons the snakes out of the basket, in a mystical dance of danger and awe.

This fragrance mimics both the charm and the danger of it all with top notes of Cassia essential oil, a bit of cardamom, Egyptian musks & sandalwoods, with back note of sweet clemetines and juicy black plums and a few little secrets.
After dry down, you'll find a very soft, fruity and sexy fragrance.

"The Haunted Mansion" unisex Gothic perfume oil from the "KrAzY KaRnIvAl" collection
One of the things I love about the Carnival is the House of Horrors, always named something fun like "The Haunted Mansion". Freaky, automated and sometimes live creepy creatures pop at you as the rickety rail car jerks you left and right, always aiming your view at the next fright about to jump out at you :) Fun!

Inspired by such fun is this creation.:
Creepy notes of black leather seat belts, black labdanum, cocoa absolute, dark chocolate, sweet woody notes of tobacco absolute. and dark patchouli essential oil, with a splash of spilled-out- of- fright rootbeer.


"Levesque Burlesque" Gothic Carnival Perfume Oil

Levesque; A person who is extremely funny (even when trying to be serious).

Burlesque; Burlesque was originally a show that poked fun at lowbrow society. It had everything from comic sketches to dancing skits, with women as the actors. It was a show for the upper class to go and enjoy and evolved from there.

A very light hearted, fun and bubbly fragrance perfect for a "Levesque Burlesque" show!
Tops notes of raspberry, garden mint, peach and oranges blended with night blooming jasmine, orchid and sparkling aldehydes. Light & bright!


"Fortuna the Fortune Teller" Gothic, Carnival Artisan Perfume Oil

It's just not a Carnival without the Mysterious Fortune Teller, who sits in the shadows of her candle lit Gypsy Wagon, surrounded by other worldly objects of divination which aid her in telling you your destiny :)

This is a soft, ethereal fragrance with light whispers of vanilla e.o., Madagascar vanilla, bergamot, freesia, & honeysuckle, and dries down to reveal the honey covered white musk, with hints of something from (perhaps) the other side. Powdery & feminine!

Fragrance family: Modern/Powder- Season: Any - Time of day: Any- Mood: Sexy

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New for 1/2013 "The Siamese Twins" Gothic Carnival Perfume Oil

Lovely girls but, as in most cases with twins, they have vastly different taste, and will do anything to express their own individuality.
In this case one wanted an incense driven, oriental type fragrance while the other wanted a fruity fun fragrance.
So, I had to combine the 2 for them and here's what I designed:

A very pretty & sexy fragrance with champaka flowers, violet flowers, sandalwood, amber essential oils, blended together with a hint of grapes, apricot, and a touch of bergamot.

Fragrance family: Oriental/ Incense/fruity - Time of day: Any - Mood: Sexy

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"The Carousel" Gothic, Carnival perfume oil from the KrAzY KaRnIvAl Collection

Still to this very day, I have an enormous fetish for this ride, and it's magnificent wood carved animals. The colors, lights, and general splendor of this ride carries bunches of charm and childhood romance for me so, in homage to the Carousel, I present this fragrance:

Starts out with the top notes of pink grapefruit and swirling cotton candy, a bit of pink pepper sneaks in behind the cypress, with a final dry down of slight strawberry scented cotton candy.
Perfect for the Spring & Summer Months.

Fragrance family: Gourmand - Time of year: Spring/Summer - Mood: Happy


"It Came From the Deep"

Tremendous, slithering madness from deep in the bowels of the ocean floor. Bigger than a carrier ship, meaner than a honey badger, and hungrier than a bear coming out of hibernation. This monstrosity from the deep had neither a conscious, or a soul devouring everything in it's path, and devastating land and all that' stands in it's way. No one is safe! Save your self!

An oceanic concoction of sea salt, and ocean waters, slimy seaweed and ocean plankton, blue musk's and lime green citrus.

It's actually a very nice summer masculine scent. Beachy & yet a bit mysterious :)


The Ringmaster Gothic Carnival Fragrance for Men

Please welcome the on of latest and greatest perfume oils from the Krazy Karnival Side Show Freaks Collection, The "Ring Master" fragrance for gents featuring the one and only Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus! The modern day Ring Master of Side Show freaks extraordinaire!

Befitting such talent, this fragrance's main accord is a blend of pipe tobacco, cognac, a hint of black leather, vanilla, & patchouli being comprise of 90% essential oils!

In your face and sexy!

Fragrance family: Wood/Masculine - Season: Any - Mood: Spicy


Bebe the Circus Queen Gothic Carnival Perfume Oil

Please welcome the one of latest and greatest perfume oils from the Krazy Karnival Side Show Freaks Collection, "Bebe The Circus Queen"!

Bebe is the gorgeous, mufti-talented Queen of the Jim Rose Circus. The modern day Queen of the side show freaks earned her status through mega amounts of circus freak talents and, for such royalty I spared no expense on ingredients.

Main accord of blackberries, black currant, tons of different amber's, and smooth creamy vanillas.


Common scents...

Why get samples of perfume before purchasing a larger bottle?

Perfumes absolutely must be tried on your skin in order to see how your own personal chemistry reacts with the multitude of fragrances blended to create any one particular Perfume.
Everyone's chemistry is different, and what may smell gorgeous on one person, may smell just terrible on another.
For example; Many moons ago I was in search of a new fragrance. I had heard so much about a particular perfume, and how exotic it was, and that's exactly what I was looking for. I went to the perfume counter of a large dept. store and bought outright a bottle of it without even trying it on 1st. I sprayed some on me and continued to browse through the store, and I'm noticing this foul smell. I thought "there's no way it's me but, I checked my wrist anyway. Alas, it was indeed the perfume. It smelled like (for lack of a nicer description) like a baby's poopie diaper.
How could such a reputable fragrance go south?!, I wondered but, it had nothing to do with them. It was my chemistry that disagreed with it.
My bad on not sampling it 1st.

Another reason to buy samples 1st, is again because you need to try it on.
Many perfumes are complex, and you may not pick up on the subtle middle and low notes just by sniffing the perfume out of the bottle. Top notes are what most large perfume houses count on to sell their fragrances but, after dry down, the top notes fade and you are left with the middle and base notes as the primary scents that linger on your skin. Complex perfumes morph and transmutate on your skin as time goes by. After about 5 minutes of applying the fragrance, you will know what it will smell like on you for the rest of the day.

Not every perfume works on everyone, and for the most part, many perfume fanatics (like myself), have many different moods when it comes to fragrances which is why I make so many :)
Each one my favorite of the moment, and just what I was in the mood for.

**For multiple items orders, I will combine shipping.
In the U.S., I can use the Flat Rate Shipping Boxes Small for perfume & the Medium and Large which can fit enough items for a small village. Contact me before ordering to get a proper price quote!

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