Dreamer. Creator. Envisioner. Most importantly Lover and Mother.

I have been a live action roleplayer for most of my life.
From sewing to jewelry craft, prosthetics to home made make up, to perfumes and lip balms, I have done a lot. Some of it has been on and off and some of it I have continued! I have loved crafting since I was a child and once in my teen years started sewing, making dresses, cloaks, jewelry (clay, wire and some failed metal works), made latex weapons and other such things. Went on to make my own powder make up, then perfumes and fairy dusts! Finally I thought my art was good enough to sell on ebay. Then years later onto etsy and now zibbet!

Lady Pirotessa practicing Silks
Lady Pirotessa, Lord Ender and their beautiful daughter.


Northern Virginia, USA