I grew up a Navy child and lived from sea to shining sea. I love the ocean and hope to move nearer to it very soon. Right now I live in the mountains and love to take photos of the sunsets. I am posting one of my ocean pictures and one of a sundog that I saw in the sky when I was up in the mountains taking pictures over the Valley. These have nothing to do with lampshades, but photography is a love of mine and I bring to it my history of color and proportion and think that this does translate well into my lampshades.

I have been a professional embroiderer and digitizer for nearly 30 years. I wrote two books on embroidery which I sell at, my personal website. I also sell them at other sites and on Amazon.

Embroidery and digitizing require a good eye for size and proportion and everything I do seems to revolve around that.

I made my first lampshade more years ago than I care to admit. New ones were pricey and I love to sew (another place where color and proportion rule) and it was not a bad first effort but I knew there was more to it.

Years went by and I started teaching and writing about professional embroidery and digitizing and so was always looking for ideas to write about where design and stitching and color played a part. I started researching lampshades and visited with a few lampshade makers.

I have learned that making lampshades is a wonderful combination of all the things I love to do. I followed my father around as a child and learned to appreciate and use I may start to make my own lamps.

I use vintage and designer fabric which I purchase in America and abroad. I love discovering a Dior or Garanti Boussac fabric and fall in love with Irish lace and German trims. I have sources in Ireland, England, Italy, France and Austria. I probably have enough supplies to carry me through to the end of my lampshade making days. I always give the history of the components when I can which, I think, makes your lampshade even more of a keepsake.

Making lampshades is, for me, a real "getaway from it all" pastime. I like them to look good inside and out which I learned from my Grandmother who said I should be able to wear anything I sew inside out...and with pride. So the ribs of the shade are covered so that the bare metal doesn't a more finished look.

I have a lot of ideas that I am going to incorporate into my lampshades. Ideas and fabric and thread and trims...and my camera...I think I am in Heaven already.

I love to make shades as mementos so if you have a dress or suit that belonged to a loved one, hidden away in a box or drawer, let Lampshade Keepsakes make a true keepsake from that you can display it in your home with love...and let the light shine through.

That's what I love to do - let the light shine through no matter what I am doing.

Lampshades should be so much more than a way to shield a light bulb. Yes, they should soften and direct the light, but they should make a fashion statement in each room of your a part of the an AHA! moment and a real source of joy.

I hope you will invest in some decorative shades for your home or let me design a "bespoke" keepsake for you...making the most of your light.

Sun dogs form when there are hexagonal crystaks of ice in cirrus clouds high in the cold sky.
Custom lampshades from vintage fabric...special order gift for twins.
Custom lampshades made from a greatgreatgrand mother's apron for greatgreatgrand daughter,
Beautiful French toile - bespoke order for a gift.
Crafted from four vintage hankies with antique tatted edge. Custom Gift.

Lampshade Keepsakes

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