LASS is a China shop, run by a team of dedicated designers and se

After working as a full-time seamstress for a well-known brand, Chang yun decided to open an Zibbet shop part-time in 2016 to make some extra money. Her great skill in making clothes and her talented designs were soon so popular that she finally decided to resign from her full-time job and work full-time as an Zibbet seller. More of her fellow seamstresses soon joined her team last year. Qin is now a team shop that is run by a group of experienced seamstresses and designers. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars in a shopping mall for a piece made by us, but now you can get it for much less, and it is still made by us with the same quality. Our goal is to provide girls with top quality but affordable custom pieces.Apply the code "DRESS518" to get 15% off when you spend at least $100.00 on all items.

I used this to complete a beautiful dress


Suzhou China