Ever since I remember myself, I remember my grandpa’s shoe shop. And as a kid, I’ve always perceived the shop to be a magical place full of people with the graceful presence of my grandpa and his heartwarming smile, a smile that I’ll never forget as long as I’m alive.

Grandpa Waldman helped me at the beginning of my journey. As soon as I graduated from Bezalel’s Academy for art and design, he set up a place for me at the back of the shop where I designed and made my first jewels.

Nowadays, 30 years later, I’m still in the same place with the same atmosphere, but with a different dream than that of my grandpa’s.

My grandpa’s shoe shop has become my own jewelry design studio. The back of the shop, where I made my first jewels, has become a workshop and a teaching area, where I design and make my own collection of jewelry and teach my students about the various techniques of goldsmith, while the front of the shop has become a display area for my collection. A collection that is inspired by my love to nature and the urban scenery.

I hope that I can convey my passion to you through my original and personal designs.

Liat was born in U.S.A in 1976.
Her artistry journey started in “Wizo” Canada High School for arts, in Haifa Israel.
In 2001 she graduated with a B.F.A degree, from “Bezalel” Academy of Arts and Design- Jerusalem Israel.
Liat completed her teaching degree in the “Hebrew University – Jerusalem”.

Upon completing her studies, with a great yearning to create she established a goldsmith jewelry and design studio, which is based on unique techniques such as: hot enamel, deep etching in steel and chemical patina.
Her studio is characterized by a newly design approach, while using unique materials and exclusive techniques. In addition Liat is particular in constantly renewing her studio and displaying new concepts, materials, and inventive aspects.

Her artistry fields are: jewelry, engagement wedding and birth rings designing.
In addition Liat established a school for teaching goldsmith as a profession, in which she teaches herself courses and workshop in the field. Yearly exhibitions of the students creations take place at the studio.

Liat gets her work inspirations from the world of nature, sea, the growing and the still. As well, the daily routine such as research journeys to various markets, urban structures and industrial images.
The result is creation such as: bars collection, Eve collection, industrial collection and more.

Exhibition in Israel:
2004- “Jovella” Tel Aviv.

Exhibitions abroad:
2003 – Design Trors Allem “Hamburg museum of art”, Germany.
2002 – Design and Fashion Next “Flenzburg museum”, Germany.