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Who Am I?

I am Lilith, I was born different, just as my mother and grandmother before me. I have developed my psychic powers and helped many with my readings. I have studied the art of black magick and also white magic, I have cast thousands of spells, and have helped others for many years. My successful ebay store was moved a few years ago, now its time to expand, if you are one of my former or current Buyer Clients you will find all your favorite spells here, and even some new ones!

I have created this store, to help all who ask. That is the my purpose to share with all, the gifts I have received. I believe magick is a artform, one that is nurtured over the years. The spells I do are crafted and designed by myself and my family. Each one designed and created to help bring happiness to all of you. The handmade part of the craft starts in the very beginning with the writing of the spell. Many are custom crafted to be sure it is exactly what you will need.

If requested I will even send pictures of the casting, There are some conditions to the pictures policy please contact me for details.

Please know there are other people on facebook, youtube and other social media sites with the same name. Some are even using my logo, and photos to make it look like it is me, but rest assured they are not me, or anyone who works with me.

You can find my facebook page on the front page of my website at Also, please know I never ask for payments via message, email etc. Every message, email I send includes a link to one of my stores for purchase. All buyers must go through checkout, if you are asked to purchase any other way, then it is not me sending the message.
Blessings Lilith

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Casper, WY, USA