What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about my family, I am passionate about creation and I am passionate about stirring others passion for those things.

Why do you make dolls?
It is my belief that children need a special toy to love and interact with. My dolls are easy to hold, soft, crinkly, they jingle and have a ribbon tag to play with. So many ways to interact for a small child.

What is your greatest asset?
I love news. I'm not talking about papers or the 6 0'clock report. I love to have a project or an event to tell folks about. It can be anything from a new doll in my shop to a spontaneous weekend trip.

What inspires you? Fabric is a big one. Reading other people's stories. Books and blogs and online tutorials.

What makes you feel capable?
Compliments and sales. I truly admit I get my confidence from other people's kind opinion of me.

If you could share one message to the world, what would that be?
You were created by God, who is a divine creator. You were created to have life to the fullest. So love, create, explore and be fearless.