Anxiety Relief Bath Oil, Relaxing Soak

by meadowmuffin2010

When life gets you down, turn on the tap and close the door.

One of the best things you can do for yourself when upset or anxious is to allow yourself the time and solitude of a hot bath.

The use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can help you overcome episodes of fear and anxiety.
Fear can be emotionally crippling and hold you back in life, be it fear of the unknown about a relationship, a career move, or any life changing decision.

Each plant has it's own characteristics that interact with your body's chemistry. The mind-body connection is a fascinating benefit of aromatherapy. Our sense of smell affects the part of our brain that controls fear and anxiety. Certain scents result in a drop in heart rate, muscles relax; thereby beneficial for both our and emotional health.

Our Nervous Tension Bath Oil is a combination of olive, sweet almond, apricot seed, jojoba, and wheat germ oils. This balanced blend is good for most skin types. Not too heavy or light, these oils are soothing and skin softening. The jojoba and wheat germ oils also help prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life.

Essential oils added to the above carrier oil blend are lavender, sweet orange, marjoram, and cedarwood.
Lavender in one of the most well known oils, especially useful for tension headaches and stress related ailments.
Sweet orange is one of the citrus oils with its fresh, cheerful aroma. Good for dispersing emotional tangles and just feeling more alive.
Marjoram is known for its calming effects and helps with tight muscles and headaches. Great for those who need help falling asleep.
Finally, we have included cedarwood which helps relax a mind clogged with anxiety and feeling out of balance.

This essential oil blend may just help you feel mentally stronger so you can face those obstacles standing in your way.
The steamy warmth of the water and the aromatic inhalation becomes a tonic for our nerves which benefits our overall physical health.

Our skin absorbs essential oils within 20 minutes while the carrier oil will remain to soften and moisturize. Don't be surprised if you find the aroma doesn't seem as strong after a period of time. The nose will stop registering as it becomes tired of the stimulation. Essential oil molecules continue to work long after our sense of smell stops detecting them. Should someone else enter the room they would definitely smell the aromatics.

In aromatherapy, the difference between a bath oil and a massage or body oil is the concentration of the essential oils. Bath oils contain a larger amount of essential oils.

To use a bath oil, fill the tub first and then add about 2 tsp. of oil. Swirl it around to disperse throughout the water and then get in. This 4 oz. bottle contains enough for about 10 - 12 baths.
When you squeeze the rubber dropper top it will fill about half way. Doing this twice will give you about 1/2 tsp. Four times will give you 1 tsp.

Bath oils come in a 4 oz. glass amber dropper bottle. If you prefer a plastic squeeze bottle convo me.

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