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by meadowmuffin2010

Give your hair and scalp a little TLC and a break from the overuse of hairdryers, curling irons, color treatments and now summer sun, wind and pool chemicals. Try an herb and aromatherapy oil blend to help condition dry hair and calm down frizz.

Bearded men find this blend useful as a beard oil; very beneficial for not only a softened beard but as an aid in taking care of the skin underneath their beards.

A desert shrub, jojoba oil is actually the liquid wax extracted from the plants' seeds. Jojoba oil so resembles human sebum that it acts as a protective coating, sort of like a second skin. The shafts of your hair will quickly absorb this deeply penetrating oil.

Infused with the jojoba oil is the herb stinging nettles. Nettles are full of minerals, chlorophyll and anti-fungal properties used to help maintain a healthy scalp and also prevent and treat scalp funk.

You are receiving 2 oz. pure Nettles infused jojoba oil.

The addition of essential oils helps to clean and deodorize while adding their own conditioning benefits. Essential oils are the very essence of the plants, thereby offering not only their physical attributes but heighten your emotional state as well.

One of the world's earliest perfumes, cedarwood's deep woodsy scent is definitely down to earth. Antiseptic and astringent properties help reduce excessive secretions of natural skin oils or sedum which aid in normalizing both oily and dry hair and skin.

Also known for regulating sedum, clary sage reputedly minimizes hair loss and encourages hair growth. Clary sage also contains hormone like components which can balance the emotional rollar coaster we find ourselves on from time to time.

The clean, refreshing floral note of lavender blends well with earthy cedar and sage. We reach for trusty lavender in so many situations its no surprise it is used in this formula for its soothing touch to an irritated scalp and brittle hair ends.

The second option at checkout is a nice blend for use as a beard oil.
Vetiver, Sandalwood and Lime combine for a refreshing woodsy citrus scent.

Dry Hair Conditioning Treatment can be used in various ways:

1. Apply a bit to untangle snarls in long hair.

2. Scrunch into just the ends for touch up care.

3. For a full head treatment:
For short hair use 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon.
For long hair use 1 - 2 teaspoons.
Apply the desired amount to scalp and brush throughout your hair. Wrap hair in a towel to build up some heat and leave in for at least 30 minutes or even overnight.
Shampoo and style as usual. You can use weekly or as needed.

4. As a beard oil, you only need a few drops. Rub between the hands and massage the bearded area.

Dry Hair Conditioning Treatment comes in a 2 oz. amber glass dropper bottle. Two ounces consists of 12 teaspoons therefore each bottle can give you several hair treatments.
To make things a little easier to figure, it takes about four dropper fulls to fill one teaspoon.

P. B. says:
"This oil does wonders for your hair and scalp...dry itchy scalp? this will get rid of it....lifeless hair. this will give it luster!"

K. S. says:
"I look forward to this every Saturday...I put a thin clear shower cap on and sleep in it...soooo nice!!! Smells really earthy...adds so much moisture/shine back!!"

H. T. says:
I put this on right when i got home. I'm half and half,my mum is Irish,and my dad is African American. So my hair has its bad days. I used this right when i got home and it made my hair soft. After i wrapped it in my silk scarf,and let it back down it was really flowy and smooth. I love this!

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