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Ideal germ fighting spray for those sensitive to the typical commercial disinfectant products.

Objects with which we come into contact every day are a constant source of potential bacterial or viral infection. Shopping carts, computer keypads, remote controls, phones, door handles, light switches, cash register keys and gas pumps. All examples of surfaces that carry germs which can spread from one person to another.

Our Germ Fighting Air & Surface Spray contains three essential oils known for their broad spectrum action.
Tea tree oil is called the Australian wonder. It is known for its antimicrobial qualities as it is effective against bacterial, fungal and viral sources of infection.
Thyme is another aromatherapy classic against infectious conditions, particularly those of the throat and chest. Pleasing is its woodsy yet warm aroma.
Eucalyptus has the distinct camphor scent most people recognize and associate with preventing or treating colds and flu. Very useful as an expectorant and clearing the head.

This powerful air spray can be a blessing for people who are sensitive to the synthetics and perfumes in commercial air sprays. There are usually two reasons people seek alternative sources for a spray. Environmental concerns about the overuse of aerosol cans or sensitivity to the synthetic fragrance oils commonly used which can lead to sneezing and/or headaches.

Commercial air fresheners may contain such chemicals as the organic pesticide, para dichlorobenzene (PDB), which is what is in mothballs. PDB may irritate the respiratory tract. Phthalates, used to carry fragrances and to make plastic products pliable, are questionable because they are potential carcinogens.

Our sense of smell leaves permanent memories of which we are consciously unaware. First impressions are of utmost importance, so when someone enters a room we want the atmosphere to smell fresh and clean. But we certainly don't want to be adding to indoor air pollution.

Use to spray surface areas or spray around the room to help eliminate airborne germs while freshening the air.

For objects such as keypads, remotes and phones, you may want to spray onto a cloth first and then wipe rather than direct spraying.
For objects such as keypads, remotes and phones, you may want to spray onto a cloth first and then wipe rather than direct spraying.

Shake before use and store out of direct sunlight.
Germ Fighting Air & Surface Spray comes in an 8 oz. plastic spray bottle.

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