Patchouli & Tangerine Body Spray, Morning Dew, Calming, Grounding

by meadowmuffin2010

Fan of patchouli? Body sprays are a pleasant, refreshing, yet personal statement in a body care routine. If the strength of colognes and perfumes come on a bit too strong, then a light body spray would be ideal. Pleasant body spray for men or women.

Whatever we put onto our bodies gets absorbed into our systems. As a wise consumer you'll want to know what is in a product before slathering it all over your body. Morning Dew Body Spray is very simple. It contains distilled water, a bit of alcohol to prevent bacterial contamination, a touch of skin-soothing vegetable glycerin, patchouli essential oil, and tangerine essential oil.

True therapeutic essential oils aren't just there for their delightful fragrance. The spirit of the plant is retained during the diffusion or extraction process as the precious drops of oil are collected.
Patchouli is associated with the 1960's and is known as the "scent of change, the scent of peace". It has a powerful action on our psyche and brings a sense of sacredness of life. Its earthy, grounding smell can stimulate and strengthen the nervous system, and actually may act like a sedative for anxiety. It helps us place our feet firmly in our world and creates an conscientious empathy towards the earth and its creatures.

Patchouli is considered a base oil, which means it is dark and heavy and tends to linger. Combined with the freshness of a citrus oil, it comes alive and is much more pleasant.
Tangerine essential oil has the expected fresh and tangy scent of the citrus family but is a bit lighter than orange. Adding tangerine to patchouli lightens things up as it helps calm and clear the mind when our emotions tend to confuse our judgement.

Patchouli is known to be a helpful bug deterrent, therefore this spray may come in handy during outdoor music events or gatherings. Just be aware that as with all the essential oils in the citrus family, tangerine is known to be photosensitive. What this means is to be careful with sun exposure. You don't want to encourage a sunburn.

Spray all over your body as desired and feel fresh with a lingering subtle hint of fragrance. Shake before use to blend the essential oils as they may separate from the water between uses.

Patchouli and the citrus essential oils are on the list as being safe during pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimester) but check with your physician before using any product of concern.

Morning Dew comes in a 4 oz. #2 HDPE or #1 PET plastic type spray bottle, both easily recyclable.

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