Stress Massage Oil, Reflexology, Body Oil, Calming, Sensual, Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends, 4 oz size

by meadowmuffin2010

Aromatherapy and massage are a recipe for relaxation and dealing with stress.
Body oils are for lubricating and nourishing the skin. They can be used as a moisturizer after bathing, before bed or whenever you feel the need to spot treatment dry skin. Combine the oil with the relaxing benefits of touch and you have a massage oil.

You don't necessarily need another person or a massage therapist to benefit from a massage oil.
Whatever area you can reach will appreciate a good deep kneading to relieve knots and tight muscles. Rubbing your own feet can be wonderful after a long day. In fact one of the most effective forms of utilizing essential oils is to apply them to the soles of the feet where they are easily absorbed.

Letting your body know it is off duty and its okay to just let go is very important for your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.
Should you have another person to share the experience then make it memorable and let these chosen essential oils do their work.

Lavender is a medicine chest of uses, so should you have back blemishes or infected hair follicles, or cracks on your feet, all of these will receive a healing treatment with the presence of lavender essential oil. Not to mention lavenders' effects on the psyche for lifting that heavy weight dragging down your spirits.

Partner lavender with clary sage and you'll find your worries take on a more realistic perspective in that problems usually work themselves out in due time. Clary sage helps us focus on who we are to seek balance and contentment. On a physical level clary sage is wonderful for muscular tension due to mental stress.

When you find yourself drifting off into a meditative state of relaxation, you'll become aware of the warm, subtle aroma of sandalwood which tends to be present but in the background of scent blends. A definite attribute of sandalwood is its wonderful ability to calm the mind and help us to "just be",

The second option for essential oils are patchouli, palmarosa and ylang ylang. A grounding blend that reminds us to be kind to ourselves, without judgement. To care for ourselves helps us be able to sincerely care for another. A boost in self-confidence is a sure win for self-awakening and opening ourselves to possibilities.

The third option for essential oils are roman chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang and sandalwood. A wonderful combination to destress, relax and just induce a state of calm. The mind and body work together to relieve pent up tension for better mental health.

For use on the feet as in reflexology or just a good foot massage you will only need a dropper or two (1/2 tsp) amount per foot.
For a full back or body massage you may need 2 - 3 tsp.
When you squeeze the rubber dropper top it will fill about half way. Doing this twice will give you about 1/2 tsp. Four times will give you 1 tsp.
As a body oil be your own judge how much is needed, but for best results apply when the skin is slightly damp.

Almond oil is very popular for massage oils because it is oily enough to glide easily over the skin, absorbs quickly but not fast enough that you feel you'll need to stop to reach for the dropper bottle. Almond oil is also a very nourishing and gentle oil for the skin. People with nut allergies should be aware that almonds are the source of this oil. Should you need a nut free oil convo me and we'll use another blend.

Our skin absorbs essential oils while the carrier oil will remain to soften and moisturize. Don't be surprised if you find the aroma doesn't seem as strong after a period of time. The nose will stop registering as it becomes tired of the stimulation. Essential oil molecules continue to work long after our sense of smell stops detecting them. Should someone else enter the room they would definitely smell the aromatics.

This relaxing Massage and Body Oil comes in a 4 oz. amber glass dropper bottle. Should you prefer a white plastic pump or pop up type bottle let me know.

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