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by meadowmuffin2010

A woman's handbag usually holds everything she may need for any given situation away from home. Solid perfumes are a great idea for women too busy to worry about not being prepared. Being they are conveniently portable, they are available at any time you want to freshen up.

Practical for a number of reasons:
If you've ever experienced a leaky perfume bottle in your purse you'll surely understand the practicality of a solid perfume. No worry about breaking glass or replacing an expensive handbag and everything in it. Packing for travel can become easier without the hassle of wrapping another bottle containing a liquid.
Also, these little 1/2 oz. compacts are long-lasting and discreet. By rubbing a bit at the places you wish, nothing gets wasted in the air around you.

This blend combines the warm, woody aroma of sandalwood, the hot, sweet love of cinnamon, and the spicy richness of cloves. A lingering scent combination favored by those who enjoy the world of spices as well as the appeal of a warm, earthy blend.

****This perfume blend is subtle and not at all intense that you'll worry the scent will bother anyone.
Please keep in mind that natural scents tend to dissipate after only a few hours. The main job of any essential oil is to be absorbed into our system and help promote our well-being. Perfumes and fragrances you may be most familiar with are usually synthetic formulas and though they last much longer, they do not provide any health benefits.****

Apply anywhere you would normally apply a fragrance; behind your ear lobes, on your wrists, behind your knees.
Botanical perfumes dissipate within 1-3 hours of wearing them. Reapply as desired.

Solid perfumes come in a choice of a 1/2 oz. plastic jar (pot) or a 1/2 oz. plastic tube (over-sized lip balm tube).
When using the perfume from a pot, you rub your finger onto the surface of the perfume and then apply to chosen area.
When using the perfume from a tube, you screw the tube a bit to expose the perfume and then apply to chosen area.

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