I'm a pretty crafty individual... In multiple senses of the word! Really though, I enjoy beading, writing, some painting of knick-knacks, sewing (not very good), crocheting and knitting (again not very good), and most of all - music!

My college education was in vocal music, which didn't help me at all in the job field, but I enjoyed it immensely. And hey, if you're going to rack up five figures of school loans, shouldn't it at least be learning something you love?

Thanks to my DIY gift tendencies, several years ago I ended up with a significant collection of beads - gathering dust. One day I saw a beautiful necklace online and a light popped on - "I could make that!" It's been all downhill from there, as a hobby has become a business, some days an obsession, and always a joy.

It was that desire to make handmade gifts that brought me to start making prayer beads. I made rosaries for two friends as Christmas gifts, and things started to snowball from there. Pretty soon I noticed that my prayer beads were selling more than my jewelry, and that nobody else was selling them at the festivals and fairs I attended. So at this point I'm selling Catholic and Protestant rosaries, Pagan Goddess beads, prayer bracelets with crosses, crucifixes, and Stars of David, and I'm working on Muslim, Eastern Orthodox, and Buddhist prayer strands too.

When a 12-year career in corporate retail management ended (rather unexpectedly) I was able to turn my attention to my art - the type you see here, as well as my music. I've joined several online crafting groups and met a lot of local crafters offline, too.

Long-term, I plan to build a home "off the grid" in a relatively remote location where I can generate my own power, grow my own food and trade with others who do the same, and generally live in harmony with the world as much as is humanly possible. To support those values my product line is moving toward reclaimed silver and copper, locally produced supplies, repurposed components, and otherwise sustainable products.

I believe that supporting local farmers and growers will save the world, and that maximum self-sufficiency is key to a happy life. I also believe that each of us has the power to change the world, and that by voting with our dollars and by working together, we can make great things happen. (I believe a lot of other things too, but you'll have to read my blog to learn about them!)

In the meantime, feel free to make yourself at home here. Peek around, leave me a note, and by all means make a purchase or three if it strikes your fancy! I hope that whatever your circumstances, today (or tonight) finds you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

If you live in the Kitsap area you can check the calendar on my page to see where I will be locally.

A tiny water feature that turns my office into a sanctuary.


Coeur d'Alene Idaho, USA