Cartoon Sea Wolrd Nursery Wallpaper, Shark and Seashell Kids' Room Babies ' Room Wall Mural Wall Decor

by Misszhubridal

Custom made size: Tell us your width and height
Order quantity==Square meters==Widthxheight
Website price: $/ square meter. Not rolls
Quantity 1= 1 square meter
Quantity 2=2 square meter
Quantity 3=3 square meter
Example: You need width 225cm height 210cm (2.25m x 2.1m=4.7 square meter), Please choose quantity 5 when you place the order.
If you width and height in feet and inches and donot how to convert it and you can send me message inbox.

♥Stitching Method of Join panels
There is about 2-3cm overlap of two panels and you cannot put them side by side.
After you install the part 1 mural, then align the part 2 mural with the part 1 mural installed on the wall and paste the part 2 mural, then cut off the overlap of the two panels with knife and mural. Peel off the cut part and level off surface with a scraper.

♥Install join panel
1.Prepare tools and clean the wall and confirm that the wall is clean and flat. For concavo-convex place, level off it with tools or fill it with materilal.
2.Lay wallpaper down on the flat surface and then check the quality, size and whether the wallpaper is complete.
3.Confirm the sequence of wallpaper. Mark vertical lines on the wall according to the each size of the panel.(Note: Splicing place have overlap of 1cm)
4.Brush glue on wall or back of wallpaper and align the first mural to the chalk line and paste it.(Note: please leave 1-2cm for the top and bottom of the panel)
5.Level off surface of mural with a scraper, cut out the excess part with a knife and clean overflow glue with a sponge. Donot touch surface of mural with glue glue and avoid
filth of mural.
6.Align the second mural with the first mural installed on the wall and then cut out overlap of two panels with knife and ruler. Peel off cut part and then level off surface of the
mural with scraper.
7.For the switch, cut a cross shape on the switch place. Donot exceed the size of switch, cut the spare part around switch. Then level off surface of mural with scraper.
8.Install all the panels and then wait 3-4 days for dry.

♥The difference among seamless, join panels and peel and stick
1.Seamless is a whole piece that you just need to use glue is okay, but if your wall width or height is over 1.8M, then it may be wrinkle during the long distance.
2. Join panels it is a whole piece that cut in several panels and there are about 2-3cm overlap of each panel, you need to cut that 2-3 overlap after install all panels on the
wall. It also need to use glue.
3. Peel and stick is also come in several panels and it has glue by itself but it can only use to painted and even wall or glass surface and cannot use to dusty or uneven or textured wall.

♥ If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

♥Enjoy Happy Shopping Here♥

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