I'm all about knitting (machine, hand or loom) ... well, crochet, tatting, cross stitch and some odd and end crewel embroidery slips into the mix every so often. In other words, most fiber arts!

Currently, I have 2 knitting machines set up (took one down recently) in preparation for setting up my mini-studio in the back bedroom. I'll have just these 2 set up once I clear out the room and get the much-needed shelving up. It's a small room, so I need to make good use of the space.

My husband of 43 years passed away in May of 2012. Jerry was my staunchest supporter in my crafting obsession. I am re-energized once again to push forward with my designing and all my crafting mediums.

We have 3 children and 6 of our own grandchildren along with 5 others we claim. I'm a transplanted Canadian (been here since childhood) and we live in a lovely old house in Sparks, Nevada.

Please be sure to visit my blog at: http://mkdesignersblog.blogspot.com/ ~ I'd love to make contact with others with similar interests!


Fernley, NV, USA