Bonkers Over Minecraft

So, I'm sure this is going to come as no surprise, but my kids are just bonkers over anything Minecraft these days.

My kids are three years apart, 6 and 9, so I love that Minecraft is something that can bridge the gap in interests for them. Not to mention the appeal to both boys and girls since my youngest, Sophie, loves Minecraft just as much as Cameron does.

Sophie tends to focus more on the building aspect of the game. She loves to design and decorate her Minecraft house, while Cameron can't get enough of the creeper fighting adventures. Either way, I was very excited to find that we all had something to talk about at the dinner table without anyone having a pout.

However, I couldn't seem to find anything at all in the stores that would help me give my two rugrats the Minecraft party they so desperately wanted... that's when I decided to design my own Minecraft party printables.

I've been a graphic designer for about 15 years now, so I have all the software I needed to make these Minecraft Party Printables a reality.

I started my adventure in party printables with this cute Minecraft Water bottle label so my little ones can show off their "Creeper Juice." These fit both regular water bottles as well as the smaller mini-bottles. Not only is this a great addition to a party, I like to use it on the drinks in their lunch boxes as well. It's just a nice touch every now and then for them to show off to their friends. :)


Cheyenne, WY, USA