Unique Elegant Handcrafted PETIT BOL Tamegroute Green Glazed Pottery

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Product: Petit Bol
100% Original High Quality Handcrafted Elegant Tamegroute Moroccan Glazed Green Pottery
Size: - 12cm Width & 5cm Height
Weight: 175 grams
Material: Glaze, Silicon, Manganese and Copper, Draa River-Bed Water & Clay
Product Code: 108003
Place of Origin: Tamegroute South Morocco
Please note: All products are Handcrafted and may have minor imperfections & Sizes may vary slightly.

100% Original High Quality Handcrafted Elegant Tamegroute Moroccan Glazed Green Pottery

Before you consider this item - where does the pottery come from? Let’s first define what actually pottery is. Pottery can be considered as a piece or a fired ceramic material that is made up of clay. For creating a piece of ceramic ware, a ceramic body is formed into a specific object. Both hand-built as well as wheel-thrown techniques are used, the object after which is heated at a high temperature for the removal of any water present. That was only the beginning, you will know the history of pottery and its much detailed process as you will proceed.

Do you know that handcrafted pottery has a unique history associated with it? Let’s get started with the amazing history of handcrafted pottery. This piece of 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery was a preserve of only the rich in the society. Owning such a piece was a luxury that was left for the wealthy.

Let’s dig a little deeper, one of the royal families, the Royal Sultans of Morocco, the ruling royal families of Morocco in 788 up until now were known to have used the 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery. These families used it and save it for decoration as well as for eating throughout their palaces and homes because of their extraordinary value. Additionally, The Kasbah of Tangier Palace, also referred to as the Royal palace of Fez was known to have several 100% original high quality, brilliantly made handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan Glazed Green Pottery. Particularly to them, it was a masterpiece that resembled quite an exquisite form of architecture. This isn’t enough, the Museum of Moroccan Arts has some amazing ambience and beauty safely placed. Moreover, they were also the royal apartments of Dar el Makhzen, in Kasbah of Tangier.

Have you wondered why? the inspiring and amazing artisan craftsman manufacturing process was only known by a few families? Just the same as the famous Zelliges of the Fes-potters, these ancient hidden methods provide the green glaze with its beautiful and brilliant variations that are always glowing; up to one thousand shades of glazed green. But wait there is more, if you want to see the most creative, amazing and beautiful pieces of Moroccan craftsmanship in pottery, ceramics, tapestries, textiles, leather, wood and jewelry, then the aeological and ethnographic shows has proven to be the place. Think about this for a moment and imagine what it would be like, far from those, you can also have a free chance to learn the deep history and discoveries of Morocco and previous eras, you will love knowing it.

Do you know where the true beauty lies? It lies in the eyes of the beholder. Experience matters, however, you don’t need to be the master artist to create something elegant. If you are deeply interested in pottery, it would be the potential inside of you that will shine through when you will craft the art from clay. An interesting thing to note here is that, pottery is an efficient new way of presenting yourself creatively. You might be thinking how to get started, all you need is a little inspiration.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of the things, but their inward significance”. Aristotle

The history of the royal kingdom of Fez has become a center of Islamic and Arab culture throughout the centuries. Because this region of North Africa has history that is deeply rooted all the way back to the early man and homosapiens. And that was only the beginning, rest assured that your 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery is made by a few chosen craftsmen with a great wealth of experience in the art. These craftsmen are found in a tiny village in Tamegroute in the Sahara desert, North Africa. This Tamegroute region is famous because of its rough village style earth pottery which it has been producing for many ages and generations. In a nutshell, visiting the Tamegroute area in Morocco will offer you with an in-depth insight and enlighten you regarding this treasured craftsmanship. This is not enough, since it is made by hand, your 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery is not perfect. It has flaws in its smooth glazed finish as well as the shape. After molding, it is cured in a basic hot kiln at 1200 degrees Celsius. However, that was just one part of the story, each pottery is individually handcrafted to its own uniqueness through its own perfection. Nevertheless, it derives its texture and color from the specific alchemy created by the potters of Tamegroute. You will have the chance to smell, touch, feel, see and taste your amazing and beautiful 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery. The aroma of the freshly used clay together the cold touch and shiny pottery will make your day. This piece of art is such a pleasure for the eye to behold. The clay used in this pottery is sturdy but refined, making your 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery quite amazing. If you further dig a little deeper, this clay is harvested from the fresh Draa river bed. It is also important to state that all the raw materials are derived from nature. Isn’t this amazing? In the ancient times, the glazing technique involved silicon, manganese and copper which after baking in the hot earth in the oven kilns produces the striking green color. Thus, your 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery has very pleasant and beautiful shades of green. By the same token, this pottery is ideal for decoration or for purposes of serving your fresh food. Pamper and reward yourself with this amazing piece and the smooth feeling offered by your 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery. Imagine what it would be like, this pottery serving as an attractive, stunning and sweet piece within your home. It will be like a part of your larger family, consider what this could mean to you. Also, many local families believed that this 100% original high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery has some therapeutic values. These therapeutic values come about due to its natural process of manufacture. Just think for a while of having your own piece of this pottery and showing it off to your family and friends that come to visit. Another interesting fact to know is that your 100% original guaranteed high quality handcrafted elegant Tamegroute Moroccan glazed green pottery cannot be replicated by anyone anywhere in the world. Because pottery process Pottery and ceramics are part of an old tradition in Morocco this gives birth to attractive and colorful designs. Let’s take a further closer look, Tamegroute lies in southern Morocco, just next to the Sahara. In the local Berber language, Tamegroute means, last place before the desert. This town started growing in the 6th century and is one of the oldest in morocco. Tamegroute was the last destination for the well-known trade caravans who traversed the desert to Timbuktu using their camels. Because, finding this town of pottery is not rocket science; plumes of smoke coming from the ovens will direct you to the square where the ateliers are located. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, you will find men busy with the pottery.
Most importantly, within this square, you will find seven ovens belonging to seven families involved with pottery. Each family has one oven as well as an atelier made of clay. Furthermore, tasks and specialty are divided among each family member. Specifically, the entire process of production is in several steps which are carried out in a careful manner. Chunks of clay are dug out of the Draa riverbed and ferried to the turn-ateliers in carts. There is a pit in front of each atelier because the clay is mixed with water. What follows is the stretching of clay on the ground to allow evaporation of moisture. So it all ends up to this, an experienced potter will precisely know when the clay is ready for kneading. As soon as the clay is perfect and ready, the potter begins spinning. There is a hole dug in every atelier where the potter sits up to his waist. The potters engage in hour-long periods at the wheel; chunk after chunk is kneaded and tamed. The sight of pottery formation round the wheel is amazing. The humming goes on for hours as the clay melts in the masters hands and transformed into bowls, vases and cups. Thereafter, the pottery is then stored inside for 24 hours then outside for more time so that it dries. During winter, this process takes a longer time because of low heat as compared to summer time when the heat is too much. As it dries, the potter will make small corrections to the shape when the clay is still moist and fictile. Because Tamegroute pottery is only baked once, the glaze instantly is painted prior to being put in the oven. The glaze comprises of 80% manganese, 19% silicon and 1% copper. The 1% copper combined with the clay out of the Draa river bed is exactly what is responsible for the characteristic green hue. Another interesting point to know is that it is good to know that any other type of clay with the same glaze composition will not offer the same result. On the other hand in selected cases, the copper is replaced with iron oxide to produce more of a brown or olive colored result. Because every piece of pottery is submerged using the hands and then dried in the sun, at this point, the glaze will have a matt blue-grey color. Only after it is baked at high temperatures in the oven will it transform to the typical green hue. The ovens are then prepped. Palm branches, wood shavings and sawdust are collected. Triangular pieces of clay are used to separate between different pieces of pottery. When the oven is completely full, it is hermetically sealed with clay. It gets better, the fire makes the temperature to gradually rise and this is important to enable the moisture inside the clay to evaporate slowly. The oven is closely monitored by a man on top of it through the entire process. Under these circumstances, he is able to regulate the temperature by controlling and closing several smoke vents. As soon as the green hue can easily be seen, the wood shavings are added making the temperature to rise higher. The oven reaches a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees. To summarize, there is a rule among potters that the higher the temperature, the more durable the pottery. Alternatively, when the items are well baked, the oven is put out slowly bit by bit as the process goes on. Because 24 hours later the fire continues to burn and the oven still remains warm. As soon as it has cooled down, the oven is broken open. Imagine how the whole process is based on pure craftsmanship and everything is done through a feeling that is based on years of experience passed from father to son over generations; not even a single thermometer or measuring device is used.

Want to know the best part? A brilliant and magnificent Tamegroute pottery is absolutely as unique as its history. The color and shape will never be exactly the same that further makes it glisten. Above all, there is nowhere on earth where you will ever find the same result; the very spot in the oven, exact glaze composition, oven heat, potters’ technique and skill and the piling method are all factors which influence different results. When you will be going to develop your next piece of clayware, remember that some of the greatest inspirations comes from our inside. Buy “YOUR” Amazing, Beautiful and Magnificent piece of Ginuwine Tamegroute Green Glazed Pottery NOW

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton”

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