Peridot Gemstones - Trillion Cut - Matched Pair

by MyriadDesignJewelry


Match Pair of loose gemstones (2 gemstones in one set)

I have a total of 10 I am willing to sell if you would like to order more that a matched set or a specific quantity or single gemstone, message me and I can set up a reserved listing for the quantity you request to order.

About Peridot:

Peridot is bright green with a hint of gold to it, making it very well suited as the gemstone for the month of August. Becoming popular again today, Peridot can actually be dated back as far as early 2nd millennium B.C. At that time, the stones came from a small volcanic island called Aswan that was located in the Red Sea. This island did not get discovered until close to 1900. The Romans had called the Peridot the "emerald of the evening" because its green color does not shift from artificial light to sunlight.

It became more popular during this time because a huge deposit was found in Pakistan. The Peridot that come from Pakistan are of outstanding brilliance, quality and are called the Kashmir Peridot. The depth of its color really depends on the Iron content within. There are three common names for this gemstone, Peridot, Olivine, and Chrysolite. "Peridot" comes from "peridona" which is a Greek word meaning "to give richness."

Unlike many other gemstones, the Peridot does not change color. It's always green with a hint of gold, which is caused from its Iron content. Peridot is an Iron Magnesium Silicate, chemically speaking, and its color intensity ranges from a yellowish green and olive, to a brownish green. It is not very hard, reading between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale.

While the most beautiful Peridots come from the border in between Afghanistan and Pakistan, this gemstone also can be found in China, the United States, Australia and Africa. This particular gemstone is not easy to work with for cutters because it is cut with its crystal shape. It can crack easily during the process of refining it because there is a great deal of tension that is located within the crystal itself.

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