Decorative pillows designer and slow living lover

Credo: create and make things around you to be comfortable, hard wearing, trustworthy, understated, useful, long serving.
Linen things are simple, timeless and good.

Me - Rosita - an entrepreneur and a mother of three daughters building my family life and online business in a small village at the outskirts of the capital city of Lithuania. By the green forests and meadows. For me it is important to create and sell things that are earth friendly. When you direct your gaze to the places further than your street - you provide an opportunity for the birth of new exciting ideas in your life!

Buying Pillowlink pillows - you buy good energy for your home and often zero waste products. Always hand crafted with attention to every detail items. Personal attention to every customer. And real people behind the scenes. Items are made slower than in factories, but it gives value to them.

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Hand painted pillows are painted by our own hands.
Our loveliest round pillows - new design and popular.
Natural linen tablecloth. In moss green
Table textile also important. Reusable linens - zero waste. Show love to our Earth.
Natural and grey pillow set is best seller for few years already.


Vilnius, Lietuvos Respublika