My name is rose and Rita was my mother.

This shop is an homage to my mom, who loved beautiful things, sweet things, fashionable things, unusual things and things that were simply useful.

She spent a lifetime collecting many such items over her 95 years of life, some of which I share with you here.

She taught me to appreciate much of the same, and to this day I love to visit antique shops, thrift boutiques, estate and yard sales. Together we collected everything from furniture to clothing, accessories, fine china, figurines, lace, linens, crafting supplies and so much more - mostly dating from the 1970s and older.

My hope is to share some of these memories and treasures with you.

I live in the northwest hills of Connecticut, US, with my spouse - most often referred to as "The Boy" and my charmer of a dog, named Halley and three laying hens. You might recognize me as rose of "Walk in the Woods." If not, you can learn more about me at these places:

Thanks so much for visiting and have an inspired day!


Winsted, CT, USA