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Our shop policies


Welcome to Sa Crafters. I love to create new things. The more people love my works the more I will try create new stuffs. If you knew me from zibbet store and have ever been to my youtube channel please visit me at my channel link!!

Shipping details

I offer first class shipping only. You may choose your shipping method but you have to pay an extra for it. I usually ships 2-3 business days after receive the payment.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

If for any reason you are not happy with your item please let me know and I will gladly refund money back. You have to pay for the shipping to ship them back to me. If you want to ex-changes with something else you also have to pay for your shipping for me to ships it to you and you have to pay for me to re-packages for you too. More farther questions please send me private messages.
P.S. To get your full re-fund you MUST RETURN my product(s) to me if you want to keep my product(s) you WILL GET half off your re-fund.
Other P.S. When product(s) get damages by postal services is not my responsible for damages, however I will re-fund your money or re-send your product(s) depends on what you want to do. In order to get your re-fund or re-send your product(s) that have been damages any reason please send your pictures of damaging product(s)to me at, PLEASE NOTE!: If you want to get your replacement fast if we don't see the damages of your product(s) we won't be able to send you your replacement until you do, we'll happily to re send as soon as I can.

Additional information

For international customers if some of products missing loss or any reason to cost damages I will refund or re send with your next order only.

If your packages are become lost somewhere is not my responsible to refund your money. You may choose to pay insurance that you have to pay for it. If you should not to pay for insurance that mean you take your own risk!