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Shipping details

Items will be mailed using USPS Priority Mail. Most items will take less than a week to be shipped to your location, depending on how far it has to go. If it will take longer, I can email you with the details. International shipping will take up to 2 weeks. I will notify you when the item is shipped (usually 2-3 days after order is placed)
Drawings/Paintings: Shipped either in a photo-mailer or mailing tube (please let me know which you prefer, if no preference is listed, I will send the picture in the photo-mailer.)
Prints and Photographs: Please allow a few extra days for these items to be shipped, as they need to be professionally printed. They will be shipped in the same way as artwork.
Jewelry: will be shipped in a decorated box. If you would like anything specific on the box (ie, a name, a certain animal or color, etc), let me know in the "message to seller." There will be no extra charge for the box. Jewelry is shipped in a water-proof bubble-wrap envelope.
Signs: Will be wrapped in tissue paper and mailed in a water-proof bubble wrap envelope.

**I am not responsible for items that are lost/stolen or damaged in the shipping process. These items WILL NOT be refunded**

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Refunds will only be given if the customer notifies me that they are returning the item, and I receive the item. Shipping is not refunded.