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Master Mind is a game for two players that gives player the chance to make trick to their opponent. As the code maker,your goal is to mastermind a mystery code so cunning that it'll keep your opponent guessing. Your code can be made up to any combination of the six colored code pegs. As the code breaker,you must break the secret code in the fewest number of guesses. You have up to 6 chances to match your opponent's code(guessing the correct colors in the correct order).

Product's Code : SBWG-012
Product's Name : Mastermind Board Game
Size : 11.7 x 21.3 x 4.2 c.ms. in WxLxH
Unit Weight : 350 grams
Material : A-grade Rubber Wood

History (From Wikipedia.org)
A game called 'Moo' was used on the Cambridge Titan shared computer system to help develop security applications by tempting hackers to modify the 'Moo League' of scores as a harmless diversion. The game involved guessing four numbers, scoring 'Bulls' or 'Cows' for correct numbers in the right or wrong places. Dr John Billingsley perceived that the game could be played equally effectively by his children with pencil and paper. Some time before 1976 he was engaged in a consultancy with Invicta Plastics, whose products at the time featured plastic inserts for footwear. He was asked if he could think of a game that could use their technology and the game of Moo sprang to mind. At the time, the TV quiz show Mastermind was in vogue and he suggested that name, never believing that it would be permitted. He influenced the design of the board, insisting that the 'results' pegs should be arranged in a square rather than in a line, to avoid each result being associated with a particular guess peg. Thinking that the game was 'public domain' or that the rights belonged elsewhere, he was unwilling to make any claim for it.

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