Army Veteran graphghan pattern 230 x 300 written for SC/HDC/ESC.

by Suncountrygirl Design

Army Veteran graphghan pattern

Graph/grid pattern is 230 x 300 written for SC/HDC/ESC.

*Finished size depends on your gauge.

Each block includes:
1 large graph,
Sectional graphs,
Material List
Written pattern
Color block pattern
• This Pattern is Written For Crochet, but can be used for cross stitch, plastic canvas, beading, or other crafts that use picture grids.
• This document will not teach you crochet or the other aforementioned techniques. It contains a pattern only.
• Your finished size depends on your gauge which will vary based on hook size, yarn, stitch technique used and your tension.
• Find your gauge by crocheting a swatch and measure how many stitches it takes to make an inch. Multiply your desired size by the number of stitches in an inch. Example: 94” King x 3 stitches per inch means you need a pattern that is 282 wide. Repeat for height.
• To estimate finished size from graph size you must first find your gauge as described above. Then you divide the pattern stitch count by your number of stitches per inch. If the pattern is 282 x 282, and you crochet 3 stitches per inch, then you divide 282 / 3 which gives a finished size of 94”.
• This document is designed so that it can easily be printed off in sections.
• This document is compatible with Crafty Graph’s Crocheter program.
• No refunds or return. PDF downloadable immediately upon payment.
• You may sell products you create with this pattern however you cannot Sell, Copy or Share the pattern itself.

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