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O Canada Cloth and Bamboo Potty Training Pants - Size 2T - 3T

by TawnyBee


- This order contains one pair of potty training underwear in Size 2T- 3T
- Made out of clean, pre-washed materials so they won't shrink in the wash
- The outside and centre lining is made from a cotton knit.
- Running through the middle (front and back) are 4 layers of absorbent bamboo. In our tests, the layers of bamboo can hold about a half a cup of liquid without leaking through. This should give your little one plenty of time to run to the potty without having puddles on the floor.
- I don't add any type of water proofing because these trainers were made to feel like real underwear rather than a plastic diaper. The cloth will help your child to recognize when it's time to go.
- there is a light elastic around the waist to hold the trainers up, but easy and stretchy enough for a child to pull up on their own
- Measurements: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) from centre crotch to top of waist. 18 inches (46 cm) around waist but can stretch up to 22 inches (56 cm)
- The trainers fit like little shorts and feature a design on them in order for your little one to wear them as outer clothing if needed during your potty training sessions
- at the smallest point (centre crotch) the layers of bamboo measure 3 inches (plenty of absorbency to prevent leaks)
- can be washed the the regular wash and dry cycle (if the accident is a large one, they can be rinsed out or soaked in a little water and baking soda before running them through the wash)
- if taken care of properly these trainers can be used to train all of your kids
- no toxins or dyes used in the making of these
- due to the intimate nature of this product, all sales are final

Here are a few benefits that I've found while using cloth pull ups with my little potty trainer:

- Another way to become more eco-friendly is a plus
- saves on money. They're re-usable after washing.
- always accessible even in the middle of the night when you don't feel like running to the drugstore for more pull ups
- They feature fun designs on the fabric to make a child feel like a big boy or girl rather than a baby who has to wear diapers.
- My little girl recognized immediately when she needed to go because they don't act like diapers (or store bought pull ups). They get wet and uncomfortable and encourage a run to the potty.
- Why bamboo for the absorbency layers? Bamboo is an amazing fibre. It is soft and light but can hold an enormous amount of liquid! Bamboo also has a natural anti-bacterial agent within the fibre which is extremely important for this type of product

** Please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery within Canada. It may take longer to the US due to customs delays (possibly 7 to 10 days). International shipping times vary. ***

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